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Travelling to Amsterdam gave Highly Devoted Coaching founder, Molly Peckler, a new perspective on life and love. Perhaps one of the biggest observations Molly made was the fact that everyone in the coffee shops were laughing, enjoying themselves and having fun! Unlike a bar, there were no signs of aggression or rowdiness. Seeing this mind-boggling attitude toward life fueled Molly’s passion for travelling; giving her the chance to see other cultures and learn about different people. Her experience as a matchmaker at a high-end matchmaking firm, interest in cannabis and experience working at a cannabis consulting firm, and her desire to help others build confidence so they could pursue happiness led Molly to create Highly Devoted, the first company to provide services in life coaching and date coaching, specifically targeted at cannabis consumers. Highly Devoted seeks to inspire people to have confidence in all aspects of life, including: themselves, dating and relationships, their direction and career, and in being a cannabis user.

Confidence in Cannabis

Molly founded the company in the summer of 2015. She initially meant to use the business for the purpose of being a dating coach for cannabis users, but she found that all of the issues her clients had in relation to dating and relationships where connected to a lack of confidence in some aspect of their lives. A little bit of self-reflection and strategic planning found Molly re-launching the company to include services that extended far beyond the romantic realm. Not only does the Highly Devoted brand help cannabis users understand and take pride in fact that cannabis actually helps them, but it also seeks to help cannabis users find a fellow cannabis friendly partner. Highly Devoted is a game changer! The form of coaching the company offers is uniquely different from therapy/counseling as clients are: never judged for utilizing cannabis responsibly, able to gain a new perspective regarding the obstacles that have gotten in the way of their confidence, finally able identify everything necessary in a compatible partner, and implement online and offline strategies to quickly and efficiently meet the ideal partner. Highly Devoted Coaching is a logical approach to building confidence and achieving personal and professional goals.

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Coaching packages start at only $750. For more information, and to schedule a free consultation with Molly, please visit the website:

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