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The rapid pace of technological innovation in today’s world is changing every facet of our lives. It’s an exciting time to be alive and for marijuana consumers, it’s about to get much more exciting. Cannalytics is providing the marijuana community with a unique opportunity to share their voice and engage cannabis businesses. With people providing feedback on and being active members in the commercialization process of marijuana, everyone wins!

Here is a perfect illustration of the power the marijuana community has to shape its future. Entrepreneurs are constantly searching for new and more convenient ways to accomplish the same tasks. Marijuana consumers love efficiency (when you’re high, time is precious) and entrepreneurs at PrestoDoctor have examined the consumer’s experience around medical marijuana. When it comes to getting evaluations for recommendations, they have discovered a way to make the process much more efficient.

How does PrestoDoctor work?

Similar to how Uber and Lyft use technology to streamline and simplify getting a ride, PrestoDoctor combines medical marijuana recommendations and Telehealth technology. Thus, they have created the most discrete and convenient way for patients to get their medical marijuana recommendation. Now you can do everything – from scheduling to the actual evaluation – from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you need is a computer or smartphone, and an internet connection; no need for a phone call or an office visit! (Of course, you are welcome to call, email or use the text chat feature on their website, if you need help!) In addition, because expensive real estate and security aren’t required, you can also save money.

What improvements does PrestoDoctor provide?

It should go without saying that using PrestoDoctor is not a guarantee your evaluation will result in a recommendation. But, for those across California in need of marijuana, PrestoDoctor has solved multiple pain points:

1. Convenience

PrestoDoctor lets you schedule your appointment at any time a doctor is available. You have multiple days to choose from. By having the option to set up an appointment for a time that works for you, you can avoid unnecessary waiting. You also don’t have to worry about getting lost en route to the office or finding parking. Now, the majority of your time is spent interacting with the doctor and not stressing about traffic, schedules and so on.

2. Discretion

Cannalytics and many consumers realize marijuana is not as taboo as it once was, but undoubtedly there is still a stigma. We may hide it from our parents or coworkers, or choose not to bring it up on a first date. Cannalytics wants to change that, but until the world is 100% open and accepting, there will always be good reasons for discretion. PrestoDoctor provides this by allowing you to never leave the comfort of your own home! They also ship your recommendation and card to you in discreet packaging, with the sender’s name as “PrestoCorp.”

3. Quality of Care

PrestoDoctor removes the packed waiting rooms we’re all accustomed to and replaces them with an intimate, 1-on-1 experience. This cultivates a level of comfort and individualization that allows most patients to open up significantly more than they’re used to when receiving a recommendation. This kind of opening up further leads to a more engaging and personalized evaluation by their doctor.

The Cannalytics stamp of approval!

Cannalytics is proud to highlight entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry. The success PrestoDoctor is experiencing comes from satisfying a need for consumers. They have improved convenience, discretion, and quality of care when it comes to applying for your first or just renewing your medical marijuana recommendation.

As readers and potential medical marijuana users, we would love your thoughts!

    • Do you have concerns over sharing your information digitally?
    • Have you ever walked into a marijuana doctor’s office, seen a huge line, and had no choice but to wait an hour to be seen?
    • Did it make you wish you could schedule an appointment?

PrestoDoctor solves these issues! Get your medical marijuana card online today!