PrestoDoctor and WoahStork: Perfect partners!

We’ve got some great news for our medical cannabis patients ages 21 and over! PrestoDoctor is partnering with WoakStork for some awesome, free-to-access information on dispensaries and strains across California.


Green circle with white squared Celtic knot inside at left on white background rectangle for brand with text to right in caps: PrestoDoctor (Presto in green and bolded, Doctor in gray)White stork at left atop black background rectangle for brand with text to the right in caps: WoahStork (Woah in dark pink, Stork in emerald green)

WoahStork showcases a streamlined process with text: WoahStork, Order Your Cannabis Online, One time verification, Rewards & Points, Search by Dispensaries, Search by Strain, Exclusive Taste Profile.

Multiple Ways to Search

They’ve got not one, not two, not three, but four ways to search: by strain, by dispensary, by mood or by location. That means that if you’re looking for a really rare strain, WoahStork can help you narrow down places that carry it! If you’ve heard rave reviews about a certain dispensary, WoahStork can hook you up if you know the name. And – the most warm-and-fuzzy, user-friendly method – you can use the “Strain Genie” and search by how you want to feel: energized, creative, elevated, medicated, sleepy or just to chill.

Screenshot from WoahStork website with text: Cannabis. Simplified. Your #1 source for finding cannabis products online. Search by Strain. Search by Dispensary. Strain Genie. White searchbar available below with green square search box to the right of the bar.Woahstork Strain Genie search options listing Energize, Create, Elevate on top row and Medicate, Sleep, Chill on bottom row. Words visible in black rectangles with white text.

Barring all those methods, there’s always either typing in your location in the search bar at the top of the page, or hitting that pink three-bar icon on the top right of the page. Hitting the icon saves your fingers some work, as it brings up a menu listing “Dispensaries Near Me.” There are also options to check your cart, use the Strain Genie, Login or Join.

Screenshot of WoahStork main page showing zoomed-out view of the previously-shown screenshot with three of the four search options.Screenshot from WoahStork showcasing the results of clicking the three-barred pink icon and opening up the option to find "Dispensaries Near Me", check one's cart, Login or Join.


Regardless of how you choose to search (except maybe by name), WoahStork will bring up dozens of dispensaries or strains that will suit your needs. Patients are just a registration and click away from being able to order or pick-up their medical cannabis. As stated earlier, there are some stipulations:

Requirements to use WoahStork

1. Valid medical cannabis recommendation

2. Government-issued ID

3. Age 21+

Page with text: How does WoahStork Work? Like this: Step One, Get Verified.

We know that going into a dispensary – for the first time or even the umpteenth time – can be overwhelming and stressful. WoahStork tries to make it easier for patients by giving them all the information ahead of time; to enable patients to choose, at their leisure, in an anxiety-free environment. Here at PrestoDoctor, we strive to give our patients the best in service and technology, and understand that sometimes that means working with other great people with the same values. Remember, WoahStork is free to join, use and earn rewards. Click below to be directed to their site!

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