PrestoDoctor at The Culinary & Cannabis Event!

PrestoDoctor at The Culinary

The PrestoDoctor Team is heading to Huntington Beach, Los Angeles this July 24th, 2016 for the Culinary & Cannabis Event!

At the Culinary & Cannabis Event, the attendees will be able to witness and taste the culinary expertise of some of the best cannabis chefs in the industry. The Herbal Chef, Chef Nugs, and Weezza Pizza will be preparing CBD and THC infused dishes for taste testing throughout the event. There will also be a cooking competition between a 420 Chef and a culinary chef featuring restaurant-quality appetizers, main courses and desserts.

The purpose of this event is to bring together professionals in the industry and educate the attendees on how to integrate cannabis into a healthy lifestyle. Gone are the days of the “weed brownie.” Through live demos on preparing Cannaoil and Cannabutter, as well as discussions on the variety of edibles available in the market, guests will learn about the nuances of cooking with cannabis. In addition to preparing high quality meals, the chefs will demonstrate the mechanism for calculating the proper amount of cannabis in each serving.

Culinary3 2The event will also include talks from accomplished speakers in the industry. Event sessions include:

  • Education on extracting and calculating.
  • How to market and brand your edibles company.
  • Attorney discussion about licenses and real estate issues.
  • Education from vendors on topical cannabis products.

Our own Dr. David Nguyen will also be speaking on the medical benefits of cannabis treatment! The image on the right is the tentative schedule for the first event session.

Stay tuned for updates from the event!