PrestoDoctor at the Elevate Conference!

Elevate ConferenceThe PrestoDoctor team will be participating in the Investing in Cannabis Elevate Conference! The event is in Oakland, California on Tuesday, September 20th, from 9:00am-6:00pm.

The Elevate conference will feature speeches and discussions from industry experts about how to get ahead in the cannabis startup industry. PrestoDoctor’s own founder, Kyle Powers, will be speaking at the conference.

The conference will include speeches from businesses just beginning in the cannabis startup industry, to companies that are leading the way and setting standards for other cannabis startup companies!

Other speakers include: Dale Sky Jones, Patrick Rea, Brandon David, Carter Laren, Seibo Shen, David Hua, Adeo Ressi, Isaac Dietrich, Adelia Lorena Carrillo, Morgan Paxhia, Nico Richardson, Natasha Irizarry, Sarah Browne, Cy Scott, Casey Farrington, and Eric Weaver.

The conference will be held at the Oakland Museum of California.

Click the link below to register online and get $100 off your tickets to the event!