What is Craft Cannabis?

craft cannabis

Cannabis is changing. There are so many cannabis farms being bought up by larger companies, bringing the price down, and often the quality down along with it. This has happened in most developed industries and is a sign of cannabis as a maturing industry.

With this new wave of mass production, there brings space for a new niche: craft cannabis. We talked with CEO of AlpinStash, Danny Sloat, to learn more. 

What exactly is craft cannabis?

I define craft cannabis as the very best, the cream of the crop, so to speak. Like many craft items, craft cannabis takes time, love and skill to create. Every aspect of the growing, harvesting and curing process must be dialed in and done correctly.

The appeal of craft cannabis is the unique genetics grown with love, sustainable/eco-conscious gardening practices and the best of intentions without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic pesticides. In the end, craft cannabis provides a much smoother, more favorable, longer lasting and better overall product/experience.  

What makes some better than others?

The most important aspects are the kind and quality of inputs used, as well as pest control protocols and curing. A proper cure in glass or steel (a minimum of one month) is required. There’s no real secret. It’s the culmination of love, skill, and hard work.

What does the future of craft cannabis look like? Do you see it growing?

I see craft cannabis following a similar path to craft beer. It took a while for craft beer to catch on, but it’s a huge space these days. As the consumer becomes more educated, the demand for craft products increase. I see this happening with cannabis. As large companies move in and smaller companies get gobbled up, I see a large divide in terms of quality and unique genetics happening between craft cannabis companies and large corporations.

Why is craft cannabis better for MMJ patients?

I believe that the love and care that is put into a product increases the medicinal value and effects. Craft cannabis tends to be grown in a healthier and cleaner environment, with much more attention put into what goes into and on a plant during the growing and curing process.

Why do you personally believe in craft cannabis?

I believe in almost all craft products. As a society, we’ve given up quality for convenience and price. The results of this are seen in other aspects of life. Our food today is less flavorful and nutritious than it once was and the impact on the Earth is more devastating than ever. What goes into one’s body affects one’s health, psychologically and physically. Cannabis is, perhaps, the best example of this as it affects mental and physical health. Commercial companies vie for market shares at the cost of the customer. Whereas, craft companies can (and often do) lift each other up and help to educate the consumer. This leads to better products and practices. I also believe in the advancement of this plant. I want to see what the future holds in terms of quality and cultivars. I love the evolution and I love dreaming about what the future holds.  

Meet Danny Sloat- Owner/Grower, AlpinStash

craft cannabis dannyBorn in Boulder, Danny grew up enjoying the great outdoors, but began suffering from chronic stomach pains in his early 20s. He was on 19 different prescription medications, disengaged with life, becoming overweight and falling deeper into depression. At the end of 2009, Danny decided to try something new- medical cannabis. By mid 2010, he had lost 70 pounds and weaned himself off of pain medications completely. 

Danny’s journey inspired him to develop AlpinStash, the licensed Colorado-based company known for healthy and beautiful cannabis cultivated using all-natural methods. Small-batch, grown-with-love, hand-trimmed and glass-cured to perfection, AlpinStash is a leader in the craft cannabis movement. 

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