Custom Treatment Plans For Medical Marijuana Patients

Custom Treatment Plans For Medical Marijuana Patients

PrestoDoctor is the only online medical marijuana evaluation company offering custom treatment plans for medical marijuana patients. Our treatment plans are designed to help patients throughout their medical journey.

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What Is A Custom Treatment Plan For Medical Marijuana?

Custom Treatment Plans For Medical Marijuana Patients customA custom treatment plan for medical marijuana is a recommended medication plan designed by our doctors. After approval for a medical marijuana card, our doctors create a personalized plan based on the patient’s condition and lifestyle.

This is an important step in the treatment process, as you can ensure you are getting professional guidance for use. Patients often like to use customized medicating methods to optimize their medical treatment. Treatment ranges from patient to patient, and improper dosing can make the effects of medical marijuana too faint, or too intense.  

Recommendations Based On Your Condition

Different conditions may require different intake requirements. Dosing, as well as the frequency of use, does not look the same for every patient. For example, a patient who experiences chronic pain may need medication throughout the day, while a patient experiencing anxiety may only need to medicate when need be.

Custom Treatment Plans For Medical Marijuana Patients condition

Depending on the condition, the recommended consumption method may vary as well. A  patient who needs a consistent level of medication may need to use oral capsules to microdose throughout the day. Another patient may be better suited to consume edibles, a long-lasting form of medication that affects the body.

Strains also play a part in treatment effectiveness. For example, an indica strain high in THC may be best for sleep insomnia. Conversely, a sativa strain high in CBD may be better for anxiety. This tends to be one of the more confusing areas for patients. Our doctors include a strain recommendation within the treatment plans.

Whatever the case may be, with our treatment plan, a patient can rest assured they are being guided throughout the process. Patients can also do follow-up appointments to discuss what is working, or if a change in the plan may be needed.

Treatment Plans That Consider Your Lifestyle

Custom Treatment Plans For Medical Marijuana Patients lifestyle

Another aspect considered is lifestyle. Our doctors create recommendations based on how you live every day, so a patient can easily integrate medical cannabis use in their day. For example, a patient who has children may be recommended to consume through a vaporize, a more discrete way to medicate. Our customized treatment plans allow patients to feel as if they don’t need to compromise their day to day plans in order to get their needed treatment.

About The Doctors

Custom Treatment Plans For Medical Marijuana Patients about doctorsPrestoDoctor physicians are licensed with the state medical board, and well versed in medical marijuana treatment. Because cannabis is emerging as a new legal medication throughout the United States, it can be hard to find doctors with a deep understanding of cannabis. PrestoDoctor has put together a team of doctors who are experienced in medical marijuana treatment and have served patients with a wide variety of conditions.

Throughout the appointment, our doctors serve as a resource for any questions or concerns. Compassion and confidentiality are of utmost importance for PrestoDoctor physicians.

How To Get A Custom Treatment Plan

To get a custom treatment plan, simply sign up for a medical marijuana evaluation with PrestoDoctor. After your approval for a medical marijuana card, we will send a personalized treatment plan right to your email! Get your medical marijuana card today!