Introducing: The PrestoDoctor Treatment Plan!

We are proud to announce the release of the PrestoDoctor Treatment Plan!

treatment-plan-render (1)At PrestoDoctor, we value the long-term health goals of all our customers and want to provide them with the necessary advice and information to aid in their medical rehabilitation.

The new PrestoDoctor Treatment Plan is a personalized plan created by a doctor for each patient. It begins by outlining the patient’s medical condition and symptoms, followed by the doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana strains and dosage.

Our Treatment Plan also contains general facts about cannabis – including a detailed description of different types of cannabis, methods of consumption and possible side effects – to help patients understand the use of medical marijuana as a tool to manage their symptoms.

Finally, the last page lists a wide range of additional resources to address a myriad of related questions or issues. Patients can find links to high-quality research on cannabis, guidance on applying for health insurance and Medi-Cal, and even details on protecting private health information with HIPAA.

The comprehensive PrestoDoctor Treatment Plan is designed to help each patient make the most out of their medical cannabis experience and to ensure the longevity of their health care plan.

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