What kind of device can I use for my video chat appointment?

The video chat appointment can be conducted using these types of devices:

• A computer with a webcam (desktop with attached webcam, or a laptop with a built-in webcam)

• A tablet with a built in webcam

• A smartphone

Browser Compatibility:

If using a computer, the video chat is compatible with: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

If using an Android tablet or Android phone (Non-Apple Device), the video chat is compatible with: Chrome

Click here to download Google Chrome to your device

If using an Apple iPhone or iPad, the video chat is compatible with: Safari browser ( please do not use Chrome on your Apple device, as it will not work).

Alternatively, the doctor can also give you a FaceTime call if you’d prefer. To request this, simply use the live chat function at the bottom of your screen and our support team will pass along your contact information to the doctor