Understanding Common Medical Marijuana Strains and How to Use Them

Throughout the United States, there are more than four million people who are medical marijuana patients.

Would you like to become one of them? Have you been interested in learning more about medical marijuana uses and how different cannabis types could help you manage your symptoms?

If any of these questions resonated with you, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are some of the best and most popular medical marijuana strains you might want to consider using.

Berry White

Also referred to as “Barry White,” this is an Indica strain that contains 17% THC. It also features notes of citrus, pine, and pepper.

This strain is known for being very calming and is often recommended for night time use. If you have trouble sleeping at night for any reason, this is an excellent option to think about trying.

Berry White is also an excellent fit for those who need help with managing chronic pain, which affects between 11 and 40 percent of people in the United States. It can effectively relieve the symptoms of other conditions, such as muscle spasms and restless leg syndrome.


A-Train is a calming hybrid medical marijuana strain that contains 18% THC. It’s known to be a very uplifting strain and is an excellent pick for folks looking for a mood boost and relaxation. After consuming A-Train, most users report feeling happy, uplifted, and giggly. It does a great job of elevating their mood and managing psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Some people also find that it helps them to relax before bed.


Dr. Grinspoon is an uplifting Sativa strain that is named after cannabis advocate Dr. Lester Grinspoon. This strain contains hints of lemon, sumac, and Middle Eastern/South Asian spices in both scent and flavor. 

Dr. Grinspon is a long-lasting, cerebral strain that contains about 25% THC. It produces a strong “head high” and can help those struggling with depression. It can also help reduce nausea and be a good option for people dealing with digestive conditions or side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is another popular Sativa strain. It contains about 18.5% THC and is known for having herbal, pine, and peppery notes. 

This strain produces a balanced high that is both relaxing and invigorating. It brings about a calm sense of euphoria and is a good pick, both for those new to medical marijuana and seasoned veterans.

After consuming the Blue Dream, most users report feeling happy, euphoric, and relaxed. It’s an excellent fit for dealing with symptoms like depression, anxiety, or chronic stress.


Also known as Lavender Kush, this is an indica strain. It contains approximately 17% THC and is quite energizing, with notes of pepper, citrus, and various herbs.

Those who use Lavender find that it causes them to feel happy, relaxed, euphoric, and a little sleepy. It can be a good pick if you’re dealing with stress or insomnia. It’s also a compelling choice for chronic pain sufferers who are looking for relief. 

Supreme CBD Kush

If you’re looking for a strain of medical marijuana that contains a significant amount of CBD and a lower amount of THC, Supreme CBD Kush is the right choice. This strain includes 9.5% CBD and 9.5% THC. It also features earthy, pine, and citrus notes.

Supreme CBD Kush is known for creating calming, uplifting, and relaxing feelings. It’s an excellent choice if you struggle with depression or anxiety. It is also known to help with insomnia.

Crown Royale

Crown Royale is a calming but still uplifting indica strain. It contains 13.5% THC and features fruity, berry-reminiscent notes, as well as hints of pine.

Crown Royale is an excellent strain for those dealing with chronic pain and muscle spasms. Lots of people also turn to it when they’re struggling with stress and anxiety. 

Black Indica

As the name suggests, this is an indica strain. It contains around 14% THC, with a series of sweet, sour, and herbal notes. 

Black Indica is the right choice for those who deal with stress, anxiety, or insomnia. It can help you to feel more relaxed and at ease. It also is useful for those who experience symptoms like chronic pain and depression.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a very popular indica strain. It’s quite relaxing and contains 15.5% THC with herbal, pine, and peppery notes.

Many people report feeling relaxed and sleepy after consuming Purple Kush. They also feel happy, euphoric, and hungry. 

This strain is best for people who are dealing with stress, chronic pain, and insomnia. Its hunger-inducing effects can also help those whose condition causes them to experience a decrease in appetite.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is an energizing Sativa strain. Like Dr. Grinspoon, this strain is named after a popular figure in the cannabis world. Jack Herer was an author and an American cannabis activist.

This strain features hints of fruit, pepper, and herbs. It also contains 17.5% THC.

Jack Herer is a strain that produces feelings of happiness and euphoria. It a useful option for folks who struggle with chronic stress or anxiety disorders

Try These Medical Marijuana Strains Today

As you can see, there are lots of effective medical marijuana strains that you might want to consider trying.

There are plenty of options on the market these days, and it may take a bit of experimentation to find a strain that works well and helps you manage your symptoms. Keep this list in mind so you can narrow down your search and have an easier time finding your ideal strain.

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