What You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana Cards

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Did you know that medical marijuana is legal to use in 34 American States? Having access to legal medical marijuana means that you can use medical marijuana to treat various health problems such as chronic pain but cannot use it for recreational purposes.

Even though it might be legal, you also need a medical card to use marijuana to improve your health. Your medical marijuana license card is issued by the state where medical marijuana is legal.

If you think you would benefit from using medical marijuana, keep reading to find out what a medical card is and how to get one.

What Is an MMJ Card?

A medical marijuana card is also known as an MMJ card. It’s a unique document that allows you to purchase marijuana from local dispensaries legally. Keep in mind that not all states in America have legalized marijuana, so you’ll only be able to buy this medicinal herb from certain places.

An MMJ card is issued to people who have certain health conditions. Marijuana is known for alleviating chronic pain and can be used to improve your sleep. If you have arthritis, anorexia, migraines, or glaucoma, you could benefit from medical marijuana, and you should apply for a card.

It’s Easy to Submit Your Application for an MMJ Card

If your state allows you to own an MMJ card and use marijuana for medicinal purposes, you should first get your doctor’s recommendation. That’s where PrestoDoctor comes in!

You can easily have this conversation with one of our state-licensed physicians. During your appointment, you will have a chance to have a conversation with our doctor and mention the specific health issues you are struggling with.

After your appointment, the doctor might offer you a letter of recommendation (also known as a marijuana certification). You will use this to apply to the state’s medical-marijuana program. Some states have temporary cards that they can issue to patients who are waiting for their permanent cards. Other states have to approve you before they send a permanent medical card to you through the mail.

You Need to Be Honest When Talking With Your Doctor

Thanks to its psychoactive effects and also health benefits, marijuana is a drug that can be easily abused. That’s why not all American states have legalized the purchase and consumption of marijuana.

However, some patients could benefit from this drug. When talking to your doctor before getting approved for a card, you need to have an honest conversation. State your health problems, and why do you think you’d benefit from taking medical marijuana.

For example, studies show that this herb can reduce inflammation and chronic pain. If you’re an athlete, you probably deal with inflammation every day. Medical marijuana might ease your symptoms and make you feel better after a challenging workout. 

In any case, your reasons for taking medical marijuana should be valid. 

Once You Get Your Card, You Can Buy Medical Marijuana From Dispensaries

Most states that have legalized marijuana feature hundreds of dispensaries and shops where you can buy your cannabis. Take your MMJ card with you when you visit these shops and show it when you make a purchase. It also may be beneficial to print out your paper recommendation or certificate to bring with you.

In some cases, it’s possible even to buy medical marijuana online. You need to show proof that you have a valid MMJ card and buy within certain limits. 

You Will Need to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card

Keep in mind that your card is not valid forever. In some states, you will need to renew your medical marijuana card every year. Other states have multiple-year options. Please check your state’s expiration limitations so that you are always a valid medical marijuana cardholder.

For example, some people use medical marijuana for migraines, chronic pain, and anorexia. Some of these conditions are not permanent, so you might not need this drug anymore if your migraines have improved over time.

If you still have specific ailments that qualify you for an MMJ card, you can renew it just as you took it the first time. Your PrestoDoctor physician can help you get your medical marijuana card renewed when it has expired. You will have to have another video appointment and speak with your doctor about any changes in symptoms or ailments.

If your doctor still considers you a continuing candidate for medical marijuana, you will receive a letter of recommendation again. You will then apply with the state as you did the first time you sought your medical marijuana card. Most of the time, the state’s renewal process is easier than the initial application. We are always here to answer any questions that you may have along the way!

There Are Limits to How Much Marijuana You Can Purchase and Store

It’s essential to do your homework and learn more about your state’s rules and regulations regarding medical marijuana. For example, there are certain limits to how much marijuana you can purchase and store in your house.

Some states mandate that MMJ cardholders keep their marijuana locked at home, especially if they store more than 1 ounce. Ensuring that your cannabis is in a safe location will prevent adventurous family members or friends from abusing this drug without you knowing about it.

On the other hand, you can grow marijuana plants in your home if you create the right growing conditions. Each state has different rules and regulations for growing – so please make sure to check with your state’s health department before doing so.

If you walk around town having marijuana on you, some states forbid possessing more than 1 ounce. If you have more than that, you risk being labeled as a drug dealer, and you might get into legal trouble because of it.

Lastly, owning an MMJ card prevents you from owning or purchasing a firearm in some states. This law is in place to prevent people from committing crimes if they also use marijuana simultaneously. However, remember that your MMJ card is not valid forever, so you can still buy a gun when your card expires.

Getting Your Medical Card Is the First Step Towards a Pain-Free Life

Most people get a medical card because they are in a constant state of chronic pain. The pain can be localized in the neck, shoulders, lower back, or legs. Chronic pain can ruin your productivity at work and seriously alter your quality of life.

That’s why getting your MMJ card should be a top priority in helping manage your chronic pain. Once you have the card in your hand, check out this collection of medical marijuana products. We sell only the best medical marijuana products that are designed to relax you and help you live a pain-free life!