Forbes 30 Under 30: Kyle Powers, CEO at PrestoDoctor

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PrestoDoctor is proud to congratulate our Co-Founder, Kyle Powers, on being named Forbes 30 Under 30: Healthcare. The announcement was made public Tuesday, November 13th, and features an array of men and women who are making major strides to improve the healthcare system.

Kyle Powers built a custom telemedicine platform, PrestoDoctor, to make it easier for patients to get credentials to buy medical marijuana. Half of the company was sold to publicly traded Cannabis Sativa at a $9 million valuation.

Thinking Forward

PrestoDoctor Co-Founder, Kyle Powers, Named Forbes 30 Under 30 videochatPowers is part of the two main mainstream healthcare innovations today: telemedicine and medical marijuana. Telemedicine has been revered as the answer to so many of our logistical medical issues today. It allows patients who may live geographically far from a treatment facility, get the care they need by talking to healthcare professionals remotely. This allows easier access for all, regardless of location.

Medical marijuana is perhaps one of the most discussed areas of healthcare today. Aside from it being the fastest growing industry in the United States, medical marijuana has been shown to help treat a multitude of symptoms with little to no side effects. Many, including the American Legion, look to medical marijuana as the answer to the opioid epidemic.

I’m very grateful to be working on telemedicine and medical marijuana in the US. Both are already helping millions of patients, and I’m excited to see this kind of access available for millions more in the near future. – Powers

The Road To PrestoDoctor

PrestoDoctor Co-Founder, Kyle Powers, Named Forbes 30 Under 30 weed cardTo be involved in both of these aspects of healthcare involves risk and vision. Powers is no stranger to either, as he started out in medical marijuana telemedicine alone.

“We were the first company providing medical marijuana evaluations fully online via telemedicine. Our experience in this field plays to our advantage, as our patients are getting customized care that few others would be able to provide. And as our tens of thousands of patients can attest, people really wanted and needed the service we provide.” – Powers

Powers started PrestoDoctor, with co-founder Rob Tankson. The two developed PrestoDoctor in 3 months, and continued iterating the platform over the course of a year to improve the experience.

We really focused on education and the patient experience when building PrestoDoctor’s platform. Privacy, quality doctors, custom care, and an intuitive interface were of high importance to us. – Tankson

Both Powers and Tankson continue to work toward easier medical access for all, as they currently operate in CA, NV, and soon to be NY amongst other states in the near future.

Congratulations Kyle Powers on being named Forbes 30 Under 30: Healthcare!