Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

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In the state of Illinois, cannabis is legal and people may now buy recreational marijuana. However, getting your Illinois medical marijuana card still has benefits. Even though cannabis is available for anyone 21 years or older, recreational users do not experience the same benefits that Illinois medical marijuana patients have. There are still many reasons why an Illinois medical marijuana card is beneficial. Read more to learn about the advantages medical marijuana users have compared to recreational users in Illinois.

Tax Savings

Arguably one of the most important reasons why people choose to get their medical cannabis card is for the tax savings. It becomes cheaper to have your medical card, rather than to not have it because of the taxes you pay each time you buy recreational cannabis.

Recreational cannabis is subject to ~6.25% sales tax, and also ~3.5% municipality tax. Additionally, cannabis gets taxed different percentages based on its THC percentage. THC under 35% is taxed 10%-24%, while THC over 35% is taxed 25% on the purchase price.

Medical marijuana is subject to 1% sales tax, and the ~3.5% municipality tax. Medical marijuana is not subject to taxation based on its percentages.

Over time, these are huge savings for medical marijuana patients!


Many Illinois residents choose to become a medical marijuana user because there is a higher possession limit for medical users. Recreational users can only buy one ounce at a time every two weeks, while medical users can buy 2.5 ounces every two weeks.

If you are a medical marijuana patient and need a higher possession limit, you may apply for a waiver that will allow you to possess more at home.

This can be helpful for patients who are unable to make frequent trips to the dispensary or are located far from a dispensary.


One of the most beneficial parts about being a medical marijuana patient is the ability to cultivate your own cannabis plants at home. Medical users may grow up to five plants at their residence. Additionally, this cannabis does not count towards your possession limit!

If you attempt to cultivate without a medical marijuana card, you may face legal penalties.

Age Limit

Recreational cannabis is only legal if you are at least 21 years old. However, if you have a qualifying medical condition and a doctor believes that cannabis may benefit your health condition you can get your medical card at 18 years old. If you are a minor, you’ll have to get a parent or guardian to apply for you.

Buying cannabis everywhere in the United States requires you to be at least 21 years old (just like alcohol sales). There is an exception if you are a medical marijuana patient.

Legal Protection

Although cannabis is legal for recreational use, having a medical card is proof to law enforcement and others that you have a medical condition for which cannabis is medicine. If you possess cannabis that is within your allotted limit as a medical cannabis patient, you have legal protection. 

Some people get their medical marijuana card to prove in custody courts that they are using cannabis for a health condition in which a doctor has stated will benefit from cannabis.

Your Illinois cannabis card acts as proof that you have a legal permission to possess and use cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

PrestoDoctor Can Help

Getting your Illinois medical marijuana card has benefits. Illinois medical marijuana card benefits are exclusively for medical marijuana patients and once you get your card, you will be happy you have it! If you have a qualifying condition or debilitating medical condition, it should be a no brainer to get your medical card in Illinois.

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