Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

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Currently in the state of Louisiana, cannabis is only legal for purchase if you have a medical marijuana card. To purchase cannabis, you will need to obtain a Louisiana cannabis card. However, besides being able to purchase marijuana, there are many other benefits for having your medical marijuana card in Louisiana.

Since the Pelican State first established their medical marijuana laws, they have now included even more qualifying conditions, cannabis products, and opened more pharmacies across the state.

There are many health conditions that cannabis can help benefit. If you have a qualifying condition, get a Louisiana medical marijuana card and start purchasing cannabis today.

Read more to learn about the many reasons why having your Louisiana medical marijuana card is beneficial.

Pharmacy Access

In Louisiana, dispensaries are called pharmacies. Currently, marijuana is only available for purchase at pharmacies if you are a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana. As long as you have a Louisiana medical marijuana recommendation you will be able to visit pharmacies. Additionally, some pharmacies can deliver to your home if you are in their region.

Since there is no recreational cannabis in Louisiana, there are also no recreational users or recreational dispensaries. You must have a medical cannabis card in Louisiana to buy legal medical marijuana care products.

Pharmacies sell medical marijuana flower, tinctures, edibles, metered dose inhalers, and distillate. They have a wide array of safe and legally tested THC and CBD products you can purchase once you have your mmj card.

Safe Products

When you buy cannabis products from a licensed dispensary, it is guaranteed that these products are safe, accurately labeled, and that they come tested from the agricultural departments at LSU or Southern University.

If you do not have your medical marijuana card and are buying cannabis, there is no guarantee that the cannabis products you are buying are safe and reliable.

Once you shop with your medical cannabis card, you know what you are getting each time you purchase cannabis.

Legal Protection

Having a medical cannabis card in Louisiana proves to law enforcement that you are a registered, certified, patient in the medical marijuana program. In essence, it means you are legally safe to possess and consume medical marijuana products.

If you are in possession of cannabis it is best to have your card readily available in case you are ever questioned by law enforcement.


As of August 1st, 2022, Louisiana accepts medical marijuana patients from other states and allows them to purchase medical marijuana in Louisiana as long as they show their state issued ID card or its equivalent.

If you have your medical marijuana card in Louisiana, you may be able to purchase cannabis from dispensaries in other states. We recommend to check with the state you are visiting to understand their state laws before attempting to purchase, possess, or transport cannabis in another state.

Age Limit

If you are 18 years old, you may apply for a Louisiana medical marijuana card. You must also be a Louisiana resident to apply.

Similar to alcohol, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase cannabis. If you have a qualifying condition that your doctor believes may benefit from cannabis, they may prescribe cannabis.

PrestoDoctor Can Help

There are many medical marijuana card benefits in Louisiana. Access to pharmacies, safe tested products, and legal protection are among some of the few.

Getting your medical marijuana card is an easy process and appointments are entirely 100% online. Our doctors see you virtually, at a time and date of your choosing.

To get your medical marijuana card in Louisiana, sign up and create an account at PrestoDoctor, then pick your date and time. The doctor will call you at your appointment time, and appointments often take 15-30 minutes.

If you are not approved, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

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