Breaking The Female Stereotypes In Cannabis

female stereotypes in cannabis

We’ve all heard the cannabis stereotypes before. Users are labeled as unmotivated, stoners, and careless hippies. Sorry Nixon’s War on Drugs got the better of you, but the reality is that these stereotypes are unwarranted.

A recent study actually found cannabis users to be more successful and satisfied in life. Not to mention the years of research pointing out the benefits of cannabis on health. Although research and recent decriminalization laws are helping break these perceptions, many people still feel uncomfortable embracing their medical use- especially women.

Historically, Women Have Had A Harder Fight

It’s not new information that historically women have had to fight against the strict boxes society prescribes on what it means to be a woman. Women want to be taken seriously, and many fear becoming labeled within the female stereotypes in cannabis.

Luckily, there is a new wave of tolerance emerging as marijuana triumphs throughout states towards legalization. Female cannabis business leaders are the real heroes. They are a shining example that you can medicate, and be a working professional. This brings a wave of women feeling comfortable and empowered in their choices.

Annabis: A Model Brand

Jeanine Moss, CEO of Annabis, is a major part of that wave. Annabis is a high-end aroma-blocking handbag and accessory company dedicated to providing stylish and functional products. They focus on the female cannabis user experience and specifically design products for that use. Moss notes, “After moving to New York City in the 1980’s, I observed that though many women on Madison Avenue and in the corporations medicated. To my surprise, secrecy was the order of the day. It was there that I learned massively successful women reduced to pulling baggies and tea tins out of their Gucci purses and acting like guilty teenagers.” 

Companies like Annabis are so important for women. They represent evidence that the female stereotypes in cannabis do not have the warrant. It also points out that medicating is okay for any lifestyle, and not a determinate of your life success.

breaking female stereotypes in cannabis

Female Cannabis Groups Are Forming

Collective groups, like Women Grow, are coming together opening a dialogue surrounding women in cannabis. They aim to be a “catalyst for women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry at the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a national scale.” Women Grow offer numerous networking events, local social events, regional education symposiums and national speaking circuits where aspiring professionals can connect with current cannabis business leaders.

The more society starts addressing cannabis use as means of medication, the less of the unnecessary shame women (and all users for that matter), will face. Companies like Annabis and groups like Women Grow are opening the dialogue for a better understanding of the plant and breaking down female stereotypes in cannabis.

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