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Card Benefits

Wondering Why You Should Get Your Medical Card?

Having your medical marijuana card in New York can change everything.

Certified patients and their designated caregivers may cultivate up to 6 mature and 6 immature plants in their home for personal use. Currently, non-medical patients cannot cultivate their own cannabis plants.

Age Limit

To buy cannabis, you must be 21+, however if you are a medical patient you may purchase and use cannabis even if you are not 21+. There is no minimum age limit to be a medical cannabis patient. Being a medical marijuana patient is the only way to use cannabis under 21.

Tailored Treatment Options

With a medical marijuana card, patients gain access to a wide range of medical cannabis products specifically tailored to address various health concerns. Additionally, there is an on site pharmacist at every medical dispensary to assist patients.

Holistic Healthcare

Medical marijuana can offer a more holistic approach, minimizing the reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and other medications that may lead to dependency or adverse reactions.

Patient Support

Your doctor can help you understand dosage recommendations, potential side effects, and any interactions with other medications. Also, they are there to ensure you have a safe and effective experience with medical marijuana.


Purchasing from a medical dispensary can save you money on taxes on cannabis purchases. Recreational cannabis sales have additional taxes that medical cannabis sales do not have.

How To Get Your Card

Getting your MMJ card in New York is simple with PrestoDoctor.

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Get approved for your MMJ card

Upon receiving a recommendation from the certified doctor, your certification will also include a registry ID.

There is no longer a state registration process for New York.

Start visiting licensed dispensaries!

Take your patient certification, which has your registry ID,  along with a government issued photo ID and start visiting medical marijuana dispensaries! 

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Required Documents:

You’ll need the following documents to apply for your New York MMJ card:

Proof of Identity

The following are acceptable proof of identity:

Proof of Residency

The following are acceptable proofs of residency:

Doctor Approval (we provide this after your appointment)

After approval, you do not have to apply with the state.

You may visit medical dispensaries with your written certification which includes a registry ID/barcode. You must have your ID with you along with this certification to buy medical cannabis.

Qualifying Conditions

Medical cannabis can be used for any condition deemed clinically appropriate by your doctor, including but not limited to: 


Here are the most frequently asked questions about New York's Medical Program.

New York does not require medical marijuana patients to register with the state anymore. 

Once you receive your approval and written physician's certification, it will include a barcode containing your registry ID. This certification along with your ID is all you need to start shopping at medical dispensaries.

Yes, certified patients 21+ may grow up to 3 mature and 3 immature plants at their private residence. Plants must be securely locked up and out of public view.

Patients must be 18 years or older to get a New York state recommendation from PrestoDoctor. If you are under 18, you must apply with a caregiver.

The cost for your doctor appointment with PrestoDoctor is $139.99. You’ll only be billed if you are approved for your medical marijuana card. In the event of a denial, rest assured, there is no charge, as we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

New York no longer requires patients to register and pay a state fee.

Yes, cannabis is legal for adult use in New York. However, only medical patients can visit medical dispensaries. If you are just visiting New York, you must ensure that the dispensary you are visiting is for recreational use.

Medical documentation is encouraged, however it is not required. It is up to your physician to decide if you have a qualifying medical condition.

No, if you are 21+ Adult use is legal in New York. 

However if you are under 21 or want to visit medical dispensaries, you must have a valid New York medical marijuana ID. 

Yes, you must be a resident of New York with proof of residency to get a New York medical marijuana card.

To find a list of PrestoDoctor' recommended New York dispensaries, click here.

Qualified patients are allowed to possess a 60 day supply as determined by the patient's doctor. Possession limits are significantly less for recreational users.

New York no longer issues physical medical marijuana cards nor do they make patients register with the state. 

Once approved, you will receive your written certification with your registry ID number/barcode. This acts as your medical card which you will take to dispensaries along with your government issued ID

New York state recommendations are valid for up to one year from the date it is issued. 

More Information On New York

Once you’ve been approved, you will receive your patient certification which includes your registry ID and a barcode. This will act as your medical card. There is no state registration process in New York. 

You can renew your ID card up to 60 days before its expiration date. The renewal process is similar to your initial first appointment. To renew, you must obtain a new written certification from your doctor.

  • Cannabis use is not allowed in public areas including outdoor dining areas at restaurants or in motor vehicles (even if they are parked!)
  • NYCHA housing developments have smoke-free policies. Since public housing is part of a federal program, it falls under federal law which prohibits the possession and use of cannabis.

Certified patients may designate up to 5 caregivers. Caregivers are automatically registered and receive a registry ID document after a certified patient designates the caregiver. The registry ID can be printed or viewed on a smart device. 

Only certified patients with a New York state registry ID can purchase medical cannabis products in New York. However, since cannabis is legal for adult-use,  anyone 21+ may purchase, possess, and use cannabis as long as they are within the New York legal limitations

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