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Want to bring medical marijuana access to more people? Be a part of our mission to provide easier medical marijuana access to patients in need.
Since 2015, our top rated telemedicine platform has helped patients get their medical cannabis card. Additionally, we provide patients the resources and knowledge they need to get the most out of their medicinal marijuana journey.

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Together, we can expand medical cannabis access and get patients the care they deserve.

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Low Prices

PrestoDoctor ensures low and fair prices to expand access.

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Educate patients on all things medical marijuana on our PrestoDoctor blog.

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Patient satisfaction is our top priority. PrestoDoctor support is here to ensure happy patients.

Custom Marketing Materials

Co-branded promo cards and additional marketing materials to drive traffic to your business.

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Receive a custom tracking link to track successful appointments and build customer loyalty.

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Receive an allotted number of free appointments and discounted appointments.

Medical Marijuana Access For All

Join us in expanding accessible, low cost, high quality medical marijuana care.