The Cannabis Cleanse!

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The Internet is filled with websites and tutorials on how to remove the residual effects of cannabis from your body. The Cannabis Cleanse encourages the exact opposite! In their insightful book, the authors Kristen Williams and Kira Gresoski discuss the argument for medical and recreational marijuana use and offer some great tips on how to incorporate cannabis into your daily life.

The Argument

Cannabis has several known medical benefits and can assist in the treatment of serious illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, migraines, depression, glaucoma, bipolar disorder and much more. This book highlights not only the existing advantages of marijuana use, but also the manner in which regular use impacts daily activity. It argues that cannabis is an even better candidate for a social stimulant compared to other widespread alternatives like alcohol, with relatively few side effects.

Effects of cannabis consumption v. alcohol consumption (Pages 20-21):

Cannabis v. Alcohol Infographic

This book transcends the existing societal notion of cannabis use as only a medical aid, and explores its various recreational benefits – such as the enhancement of activities like yoga, chores, eating, creating art and even listening to music. Ms. Gresoski herself claims that cannabis has been “the ideal complement to her lifestyle of hiking, studying, writing and relaxing with loved ones.”

One testimonial from the book reads:

“I have always used cannabis to aid in my practice of yoga (going on six years). Cannabis allows me to put aside the issues that I’m unable to disengage my brain from during the work day and assists me in meditation, letting go, and finding new and important workarounds to issues that were previously creative blocks for my work product. Cannabis is an incredibly pivotal catalyst in helping me think outside of the box and develop more effective solutions.”

— Kat Humphries, Vicente Sederberg

What fits your style?

In addition to including a fun quiz to match the best type of cannabis for your specific needs, the Cannabis Cleanse provides a comprehensive overview of the different techniques for cannabis consumption including smoking, vaping, topicals and edibles. Cannabis consumption is no longer limited to the realm of joints, bongs, and special brownies. There are options for every kind of lifestyle! Ranging from self-loading oil concentrate pens to lotions, bath salts, and gourmet meals, the availability of cannabis products allows you to incorporate cannabis in your life on your own terms.

The Cleanse

In this book, the authors provide a detailed guide on how to tackle the seven-day Cleanse, including a downloadable daily tracking chart and a pledge to help you make the most out of this experience!

The section titled “A Day on the Cleanse” illustrates the steps you can take every morning, afternoon and evening to ensure that there is a holistic nexus between the physical and mental effects of the Cleanse. The additional post-cleanse follow up is the perfect way to end the week and acknowledge the impact of the Cleanse on your lifestyle.

Recipes and Tips.

What is the best way to experience cannabis for the first time? How do you know what strain is the best fit for your cannabis needs?

The Cannabis Cleanse has you covered.

This simple graphic explains the important differences between each strain, so you can make an informed decision about your cannabis consumption:

Choosing a Strain Graphic

When in doubt, always follow your nose! If a strain doesn’t smell appealing to you, chances are that it may not be the best fit.

This book has tons of additional tips and healthy recipes to help you craft the perfect cannabis-inclusive lifestyle. You can find measures to combat the munchies and even extra resources – like yoga, exercise and meditation routines – to support the maximization of your experience!

The Cannabis Cleanse isn’t just about responsible cannabis use.

It’s about living a healthy, happy life.

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