PrestoDoctor and FlourChild: Bloomin’ buds!

FlourChild Jams and Granola on cheeseboard

What’s FlourChild, you ask? Well, aside from delivering a spot-on play on words about San Francisco’s Flower Children, they have six distributors in SF and the East Bay, plus one in North Bay, one in Los Angeles, and another boasting state-wide, next-business-day California delivery.

A Top Dispensary

But really, FlourChild is a supplier to all the above-mentioned dispensaries. They work with small, family-owned farms throughout California to deliver the best possible medical cannabis edibles and topicals. We’re talking organic, we’re talking local, and we’re talking about specialties in both THC-rich and CBD-rich options.

FlourChild Collective Welcome Banner, text: Our Mission, Cultivating Community through cannabis; Our Values: compassion, creativity & sustainability; *Our seasonally changing menu features vegan & gluten-free options.;Made with love in San Francisco, CA.

What do they offer?

Picture of FlourChild's tayberry jam and relief balm in jars

As some of you might know, THC is the ingredient in cannabis that causes psychoactive effects. Some patients prefer high levels of THC in order to treat their symptoms, which FlourChild supplies in edible form. CBD-rich consumables, which FlourChild offers as both edibles and topicals, are usually used for anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic purposes, as well as pain and nausea relief. CBD oil for medical use is approved in some states because it does not have a psychoactive effect.

As a side note, patients should be aware that often “legal” CBD products are made from industrial hemp, which is used to remove toxins and heavy metals from the ground. Hemp CBD oils can actually be very dangerous because of this, as the oil form concentrates any toxins to which the plant might have been exposed. Hemp cultivation is also still federally illegal, so it’s hard to trace your oil back to its planted source!

What ingredients do they use?

Mint-colored circle with black-dotted border, text in middle interrupted by medical symbol (two snakes around a pole) with flower on top: FlourChildFlourChild very kindly informed us of this difference in quality and wanted to make sure all of you know that they never use industrial hemp to create their CBD oil – only good, old-fashioned, whole-plant cannabis! FlourChild uses Rick Simpson oil concentrate made from SPARC’s full extract cannabis oil, where every batch is tested by a lab. Further, FlourChild uses a 3-to-1 CBD-to-THC ratio. It’s important to note that CBD does need a small amount of THC in order to work more effectively.

So, what do they do with all their locally-sourced fruit, olive oil, and cannabis? Well, FlourChild combines them with organically sourced sugar, mango butter and/or kokum butter, in addition to other necessary ingredients. Their products include granola as well as seasonal jams (combined with an ice water hash) in different flavors.

FlowerChild Edibles

FlourChild list of edibles, text: Seasonal Selections *made with only organic & sustainably produced ingredients; Peach jam, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, blackberry jam, granola.

More options can be found in their CBD-rich topical creams, which are combined with a full extract cannabis oil (FECO) or Rick Simpson oil (RSO). These creams are available in four aromas: unscented, lemongrass, rose geranium or lavender-mint. Pretty cool that FlourChild’s ingredients are so easy to pronounce – they’re really living up to their name!

FlourChild list of topicals; text: Topical remedies, Relief balm for chronic pain with ingredient list, Options: unscented, lemongrass, rose geranium or lavender-mint.

If these options – not to mention organic products and supporting local farmers – sound appetizing and/or attractive to you, go check them out! Here at PrestoDoctor we always do our best to connect our patients with quality goods. Listed below are the dispensaries carrying FlourChild’s products.

San Francisco

East Bay

North Bay & Beyond

Los Angeles

Anywhere in California

  • Sava, next business day delivery throughout California

FlourChild contact information; links to 'About' page on their website