Lets be Blunt! How to Roll the Perfect Blunt in 3 Easy Steps

We hear this question all the time: “How do I roll a blunt?” or “How do I roll a joint?”
While there are many ways to consume cannabis, rolling a joint or a blunt is still a leader in practicality. Follow these three easy steps below to roll up!

Let’s get started!

How to Roll a Blunt

Step 1

Get your essentials. Flowers, roll up, grinder (optional), and knife. Start breaking apart your flowers into smaller pieces and place into grinder or continue to break apart into even smaller pieces.

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Step 2

Portion out enough flowers to fill the roll up. Get your cigar or papers ready. If using rolling papers, go to step three. Moisten the entire cigar lengthwise and begin cutting carefully.


Step 3

Fill your roll up, but do not overfill. Moisten as much as needed when using a cigar but be sure not to “over-moisten” when using rolling papers, as they are thin in structure. Begin tightening at each end using mouth and fingers and seal the center. Shape by folding and rolling around the weed.


That’s it! It takes a bit of practice to do, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. Voila, Enjoy!