PrestoDoctor Will Give On-Site Evals At San Bernardino Cannabis Cup

cannabis cup high times

Throughout the year, High Times celebrates the world of marijuana with the ever-popular Cannabis Cup. Thousands attend from all over the world, rejoicing in marijuana progression through celebrity music performances, instructional seminars, product showcases, expositions, forward-thinking talks, and plenty more.

We are excited to announce PrestoDoctor will give on-site evals at San Bernardino Cannabis Cup, on one of the biggest days for marijuana lovers, 4/20. 

Medical Evaluation Events with PrestoDoctor

prestodoctor evalsPrestoDoctor is known for our telemedicine platform, but that hasn’t stopped us from completing over 100 in-person events to date. During events, we integrate proprietary technology to expedite the sign up and application process. This easy process means attendees can complete their medical evaluation quickly and and easily without needing to visit an in-person clinic with long waits.

Our #1 patient-rated service has soared in popularity, largely due to our customized treatment plans, compassionate doctors, friendly customer service, and streamlined process.

What’s the Benefit of a Medical Card at the Cannabis Cup?

medical marijuana patientThe San Bernardino Cannabis Cup requires all who consume cannabis products on-site to be medical marijuana patients. Aside from this specific event, card holders in California can save between 5-10% on sales tax (depending on county) after registering for a state medical marijuana card.

Additionally, those with a medical card receive numerous perks. These include access to consumption at events, like the Cannabis Cup, a lower age restriction to purchase inside a dispensary, access to better quality and higher concentrations of cannabis, the opportunity to buy larger quantities at a time, and overall fewer growing restrictions.

What the Cannabis Cup Means for Cannabis

The Cannabis Cup has appeared all over the world, from Amsterdam to Michigan. It’s the ultimate celebration to reflect on just how far marijuana culture has come, celebrate the wins, and band together as we face new obstacles.

There has never been one kind of marijuana user, and the Cannabis Cup is one of the leading events working to emphasize that. The educational seminars, which are a part of every Cannabis Cup, highlight medical marijuana education, current legal environments, science of cannabis, growing techniques, cannabis investing, and more.

These types of discussions are paving the way toward a greater understanding and tolerance of cannabis.

San Bernardino Line Up

san Bernardino cannabis cup line up

Every Cannabis Cup seems to outdo the last, and the San Bernardino Cannabis Cup will be no exception. Some highlights on this year’s musical lineup include:

  • NAS
  • Rick Ross
  • Lupe Fiasco  
  • Lil Wayne
  • Raekwon
  • Fabolous
  • 2 Chainz
  • Yo Gotti
  • Rich the Kid

In addition to the musical performances, those interested in learning about some of the latest marijuana trends and companies can look forward to seeing numerous educational seminars and exhibitors.

Getting Tickets

The San Bernardino Cannabis Cup is from Friday 4/20 to Sunday 4/22. Tickets can be purchased online at For those wanting to take care of their medical card before the event, you can visit and speak with a doctor today!