What are the Savings With A Medical Card in California? [Interactive Calculator!]

savings from a medical marijuana card

What are the savings with a medical marijuana card in California? As it turns out, the amount can be very significant. The reason is due to the sales tax break medical marijuana card holders receive.

Trying to decide if the savings with a medical card is worth it for you? Find out for yourself with our medical marijuana savings interactive calculator, as well as information on other perks!

Savings With A Medical Card for California Patients

For California patients, you’ll save a range(depending on your county). Typically this range is between 5-10% every purchase. This may not seem like a lot, but over time the costs definitely add up.

If you’re wondering if getting a medical marijuana card is worth the price, consider the savings and perks.

California Medical Card Tax Savings

As of January 2018, the costs to obtain a medical card include the following:

  1. Medical Recommendation: (can be done online with a service like PrestoDoctor): ~$50
  2. Register With County: $100 ($50 with Medi-Cal)

california medical cardSavings with a medical card range between 5-10% on sales tax. If you spend more than $150 a month on dispensary products, getting a medical card in most counties is a no brainer.

To learn more about the legal marijuana market in California, read our blog on CA Marijuana Rules and Regulations: What you need to know in 2018.

Use the Interactive Medical Card Savings Calculator

Use our Interactive Medical Card Savings Calculator to see exactly how much you can save on your dispensary purchases with a medical marijuana card. Here’s how you use our interactive medical card savings calculator:

  1. Input your budget: This can be how much you spend in a week, month, or year!
  2. Input your counties sales tax savings for medical card holders: Sales tax savings range from county to county in California. To find out what the sales tax savings are in your county, simply call your local dispensary.
  3.  See the savings: See your savings with a medical card in California!

Beyond the Tax Savings, There’s Perks

Not only will you save money on taxes with a medical card, but there are also additional perks. In California, you can get access to higher grade product, as well as the option to buy larger quantities at a time.

Additionally, those with a medical card have lower age restrictions, allowing those between 18-20 years of age to purchase inside a dispensary.

How To Conveniently Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Custom Treatment Plans For Medical Marijuana Patients about doctors

You’ve done the math, understand the perks of a medical card, and are ready to pursue a medical card! Woo! First, it’s important to make sure you qualify.

To learn if you qualify in California, review the Qualifying Conditions For California. If you qualify, simply schedule your medical marijuana card appointment online with PrestoDoctor.

With PrestoDoctor, the entire process, as well as appointment, is completely online. If you don’t qualify, you don’t pay. Get your medical marijuana card today!

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