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PrestoDoctor Has Expanded To New York header

PrestoDoctor Has Expanded To New York

PrestoDoctor is officially live in New York! This means New Yorkers will now be able to get online medical marijuana card evaluations through the PrestoDoctor platform. PrestoDoctor has years of experience serving California and...

Marijuana Is Ending The Opioid Epidemic header

How Marijuana Is Ending The Opioid Epidemic

Opioids are oral pill medications that are used to help relieve pain following trauma, burns, or a serious surgery. They also have use for patients with painful terminal diseases, such as cancer. Opioids are widely...

edible marijuana candy header

Benefits of Edible Marijuana Candy

Edibles have experienced tremendous growth within the past decade. The edible category includes chocolates, infused foods, tinctures, beverages, pills, and candies. There seems to be a new type of edible product every day, and...

cannabis communities matter panel

Why Cannabis Communities Matter

Cannabis communities matter, and they matter now more than ever. What are they? They are the groups who come together to provide input and guidance in the cannabis industry. After decades of fighting oppression...

healing through cannabis and yoga

How Patients Are Healing Through Cannabis And Yoga

Patients are healing through cannabis and yoga, and the trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. There is no denying the countless cases of cannabis serving as a helpful remedy to help subside numerous symptoms. However,...