2017’s Tastiest Edible Companies

2017 tastiest edibles

There are so many edible companies in the market, but which are the tastiest edible companies? The options can be overwhelming, so we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. We can personally vet these products to be some of the best tastings on the market.

See who took the title of The Spice Masters, The Right Hand Man, The Craftsman, The Breakout Star, and of course, The Godfather of Goodies. Here are some of 2017’s tastiest edible companies you need to try!

Auntie Dolores, “The Spice Masters”

Auntie Dolores masters the art of leaving no taste of cannabis. That’s why we’ve named them, The Spice Masters. We tried the savory pretzels, and WOW are those good! These savory pretzels are seasoned with umami spice, and if not aware, could easily be mistaken for regular spiced pretzels. The way Auntie Dolores has masterfully spiced their edibles makes them one of 2017’s tastiest edible companies we’ve come across! Auntie Dolores has several other delicious products including Glazed Pecans, Caramel Corn, Chilli Lime Peanuts, and more!

Check them out at: auntidolores.com

2017's tastiest edible companies auntie dolores

Kiva Confections, “The Right Hand Man”

Kiva is really hitting the nail on the head with their edible products. We tried their Kiva Bars, Petra Mints, and Kiva Terra Bites. With these products, you can’t even tell you’re eating cannabis. They serve as an amazing option to microdose or enjoy a stronger experience. Their beautiful and easy to use packaging makes these products an awesome option to precisely measure THC quantity. They are definitely The Right Hand Man of edibles, and of course, consistently taste delicious.

Check them out at: kivaconfections.com

tastiest edible companies kiva

Heavenly Sweet, “The Godfather of Goodies”

Heavenly Sweet has a plethora of goodies that will make your mouth water. I am amazed by the vast variety of edibles they offer, truly making them The Godfather of Goodies. The sweet tooth folks out there will particularly love their crispy treat line (we sure do!). All of their amazing product (97 to be exact) you can view on their website.

Check them out: heavenlysweet.com

tastiest edible companies heavenly sweets

Flour Child Collective, “The Breakout Star”

Flour Child Collective has only a few products in their edible line, but what they do have is UNBELIEVABLE. It’s obvious they care deeply about quality. Cannabis or not, their jam and granola actually taste better than most I’ve tasted. Their ingredients come from local farms with sustainable practices. The love put into their edibles definitely puts them as one of 2017’s tastiest edible companies today. Flour Child Edibles are the clear winner of the title, The Breakout Star.

Check them out at: flourchild.org/

2017's tastiest edible companies flower child


2017's tastiest edible companies credit

Mellows, “The Craftsman”

These guys just made artisan marshmallows a thing, and they are doing it unbelievably well. From strawberry shortcake to brown butter sage, Mellows puts a great amount of handmade effort to create flavors that satisfy any sweet tooth.

Check them out at: getmellows.com/

tastiest edible companies mellows

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