3 Best Cannabis Cooking Blogs To Follow

Cannabis cooking is an art that is gaining massive popularity in light of recent marijuana decriminalization laws. Every day there are more people interested in trying new ways of consuming cannabis without smoking. Of the many ways, homemade edibles have soured in popularity – and we’re not talking about the standard brownies!

We’ve put together the 3 best cannabis cooking blogs, so you can follow the leaders in cannabis-infused cooking. Bon appétit!

1. Wake and Bake

Wake and Bake, created by Corrine Tobias, is a holistic cannabis cooking blog dedicated to creating recipes that nourish the body and mind. After suffering years of pain and chronic illness, Tobias created her blog to inspire and educate her readers to incorporate cannabis into their diet. Her recipes include paleo, gluten-free, and easy to create options. Check out her cannabis cooking blog: wakeandbake.co

best cannabis cooking blogs wake and bake

2. Cannabis Cheri

Cheri Sicard, creator of Cannabis Cheri, does not believe anyone should settle for bad tasting edibles! As a passionate cannabis education advocate, Cheri has spent many years understanding the flower and its history. Cheri brings a great amount of helpful information surrounding cannabis cooking. Check out her cannabis cooking blog: cannabischeri.com

 best cannabis cooking blog wake and bake

3. Sous Weed

Sous Weed dedicates themselves to using cannabis as an ingredient, versus merely a psychoactive additive. To Sous Weed, Cannabis is a versatile, nutrient-dense vegetable and they aim to treat it as a culinary challenge like any other. The blog’s creator, Monica Lo, is an activist and photographer working to change public perception of cannabis users. The blog includes recipes by Monica, as well as Chef Scott Peabody and Chef Jose Rodriguez. All are dedicated to cannabis cooking as a craft. Check out their cannabis cooking blog: sousweed.com

best cannabis cooking blog sousweed

best cannabis cooking blogs credit

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