AbraCaDabs Festival: March 2017!

abracadabs festival

The ABRACADABS Festival is back this year, and bigger than ever! The festival will be March 24th-26th, at Heritage Field in Adelanto, CA.

This year, the event will include tons of live performances, guest speakers, live glass-blowing, and designated medicating areas! You do not need a medical cannabis recommendation to enter the festival, but you will need one to enter the medicating areas.

No worries, though! PrestoDoctor will be on-site at the festival doing on the spot medical cannabis card evaluations. All patients need to bring in order to be evaluated by PrestoDoctor is a valid ID and form of payment!

ABRACADABS is celebrating its 5th year anniversary. This event is an annual 3 day festival celebrating MMJ educating the benefits of cannabis use and application including education about it’s legal status and legal use with hundreds of award winning vendors showcasing the latest products of 2017 that is held at the historical Heritage Field in Adelanto, CA.

abracadabs festivalAbraCaDabs Cup Competition

The Abracadabs Festival will also feature the AbraCaDabs Cup– a multi-category competition. Entry into one category costs $300, but also includes a VIP 3-day pass to the festival. The categories for competition include:

Solvent Wax (Sativa, Indica), Solvent Shatter/Sap, Rosin, Cannabis Flower (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid), Best Tincture, Best Topical, Non Solvent Extract, Best Enhanced Terpenes, Best Cannabis Infused Food, Highest THC Content (Concentrate, Flower), Highest CBD Content, Best Overall Concentrate, Best Vape Cartridges, Best Product

abracadabs festivalAdditional entries cost $200, and the creators of the competition note:

Abracadabs Festival Competition is a combination of Lab Tested results and Judges. Judging Abracadabs is done by a panel of 7 public contest winners, Celebrity Judges and 50 private judges. Their vote is submitted online and the winners announced at Sunday nights award ceremony. Lab testing provides safe, quality medicine and measure contents, the flowers & concentrates entered in the competition that is analyzed.

If you’d like to experience the festival for yourself, you still have time to get tickets! Click below to get them, today!