Cannabis Accessories That Enhance The Consumption Experience

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Cannabis accessories are a key part of the consumption experience. With the right devices, you can optimize the way you preserve cannabis, prepare cannabis, clean cannabis, and so much more! We created PrestoDocotor Shop, a patient curated medical marijuana shop, to make it easier to find the best products!

One of our most versatile accessory companies is Green Goddess Supply. We talked with Eric Robichaud to learn more about some of the most useful cannabis accessories!

What is one of the most underrated cannabis accessories?

The most underrated cannabis accessory has got to the “bat.” There are other amazing cannabis accessories that also don’t get much credit, but it’s mainly due to awareness – not everyone understands what kief is or what sifter boxes and pollen presses can offer, but that’s merely a lack of awareness.  

The lowly bat has to take first place in this category because while many people aren’t fully aware of what it is and how it works, even folks who are fully aware of the bat will dismiss it. It’s the Rodney Dangerfield of smoking accessories – it gets no respect!  But it’s one of the most basic, most versatile devices around. In a pinch it always gets the job done. It just works! And they fit nicely into a dugout to make a perfect little stashbox-and-pipe solution when on the go. But the old “one-hitter” is always looked down upon, while larger pipes, “spoons,” glass rigs, and the like get all the glory. But I ask you this: when was the last time you accidentally dropped and broke a bat?

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Have you noticed any trends in cannabis consumption devices?

The biggest trends in cannabis consumption these days are in the twin fields of edibles and oils. The end results are markedly different, but I combine them because they’re both just different endpoints from the same concept: extracts.  See, all of the chemical goodness we smoke is found in the trichomes (little glands of oil that grow up from the surface of the plant). It’s not in the plant itself. So folks figured out that if you extract the oil, you really have very little use for the actual leaf/stem itself. And if you burn (vaporize) the oil, you get the same net effect as smoking, but without waste byproduct of the plant leaf.  

In other words, you can get all the benefits of the oil without also ingesting ash and burned plant matter.  It’s a cleaner, healthier way to consume. And then those oils can also be infused into foods to create edibles, which provide an opportunity to consume cannabis compounds without smoking/inhaling them at all. I don’t think “flower” will ever go away, and most folks who vape also smoke flower. I, for example, tend to mostly smoke flower, but perhaps 20% of my consumption is via vaping oils instead of smoking dry herb.  There are many considerations and tradeoffs between vaping and traditional smoking, but to answer the question as stated – vaping cannabis oils and the production and consumption of edibles are the newest trends driving the industry today.

What’s your favorite Green Goddess Supply product?

We have a lot of great widgets, and I use all of them occasionally, and most of them pretty regularly. But if I have to pick just one item, I would have to go with the Mini Bamboo Sifter Box.  It’s a multi-faceted little device, and I use it daily. I have it sitting on my coffee table. It’s a gorgeous little wood piece that looks very elegant and classy and hides your flower from view while keeping it fresh (unlike a glass jar, etc.)

I grind up my flower and dump it into the top and use it as my stashbox.  But, the bottom of the flower compartment is a 100-micron sifter screen! So over time, it collects kief in the bottom chamber. From time to time I either top a bowl with kief or load it into a pollen press to make super concentrated hash pucks.

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What makes you excited about what you do?

I absolutely love working in this industry!  I’m not sure if it’s the hippie roots or just the fact that the industry is so new, but there’s definitely an entirely different vibe to this industry. You hear ravers talking about “PLUR” (Peace, Love, Unity & Respect) – that sums up the cannabis industry.  People genuinely want to help each other. There’s a sense that this whole industry is new and exploding and we’re all on the same ride together, and everyone wants to network and help each other. It’s not like older, mature, cutthroat industries. Plus that hippie vibe and the independent ownership (i.e. you’re dealing with individual head shop owners, not mega-chains/corporations) all work together to create this culture of love and respect.  

Plus, I’ve always been very entrepreneurial, so I love working in an industry that’s brand new and evolving on a daily basis.  It’s invigorating and exciting, and it’s why I jumped out of the old tech and marketing agency business that was an older, matured industry.  I was able to break out of the drudgery of the 9 – 5 grind and into something where everyone’s learning, and everyone’s trying to network and build empires together.

Company Bio:

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Green Goddess Supply, LLC produces a line of high quality smoking accessories that includes pipes, dugouts, premium grinders, rolling trays, storage boxes, sifter boxes and more. The company sells directly to consumers at MSRP through its website, and also offers wholesale and distributor accounts to brick and mortar storefronts and industry distributors. Green Goddess Supply strives to “Delight customers with quality products.” Green Goddess Supply, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Hopedale, MA with a satellite office in California.

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