A Cannabis Culinary Star: Chris Sayegh

The Herbal Chef

Have you ever gone out to a fine dining establishment and thought to yourself, “I wish I could combine my cannabis in this experience?”

Have you ever started out on a very specific path, but found yourself in a completely different direction by the end of it?

If you’re like the rest of us, those are obvious yes’. We talked with Chris Sayegh, creator of The Herbal Chef, and his path toward success started with those answers. 

The Herbal Chef

Chris Sayegh is based in LA, but frequently travels the world offering his cannabis fine dining service, The Herbal Chef. Chris offers a unique service in today’s fast-paced market: an individualized, high-grade dining experience from the one place everyone likes to eat – home! His attention to detail and love in his work has the entire cannabis community, as well as major media, taking notice.

The process varies, but typically Chris offers numerous courses tailored to the preference of the diners. Chris also pairs the meal with wine, as well as a “goodie-bag” to take away. This ranges from edibles to cheese boards. His meals often run upwards of $200 per person (more for cannabis cuisine), but the actual cost depends on what he’ll be cooking.

A Customized Experience

CHris The Herbal Chef CookingAs well as the meal tailored to the diner’s tastes, Chris also customizes the dosing experience. This depends on the guests and their individual tolerance levels. This ensures everyone has an enjoyable time.

For those interested in dining with a guest who is not consuming cannabis, Chris also tailors non-infused dishes, so all are included.


How it all Began

Chris’ story began in a very different direction. He started his path as a medical student until he decided to follow his calling for cooking. He always wanted to help people and believed cooking was one of the best forms to do so.

He took the plunge, working at the bottom of the culinary totem pole until earning his way to the top. Cannabis aside, he is viewed as one of the best culinary chefs today.

Chris The Herbal Chef Infused Fine Dining

Limited home delivery!

If you live in California, you’re in luck! If you’re interested in sampling his work, you can submit an application to become a member of The Herbal Chef Collective.

As for other states, Chris’ CBD-infused foods ship to anywhere in the US!

Only the Best

One of the things Chris has learned, over the years, is that quality ingredients count.

To that end, he only works with local farmers for the freshest produce. Sometimes he will even catch the fish or game himself (talk about dedication!). Everything Chris does in the kitchen has been honed down to an art. He’s a passionate perfectionist, and those are two things you definitely want in a personal chef – even if you just get him for one meal!

Rest assured, that one meal will be fantastic.

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