Women, Weed & Wine: A Healthy Honeys Event!

weed and wine

This Thursday, June 16th, 2016, the PrestoDoctor Team will be headed to the Healthy Honeys โ€œWomen, Weed & Wineโ€ event in Sonoma, California!

Healthy Honeys is an initiative by women, for women that encourages the knowledge and use of medical cannabis among women around the country.

The events hosted by Healthy Honeys provide a welcoming environment where attendees can learn about the various benefits of cannabis and understand how to manage their emotions and pain. This is ideal for women who want to incorporate cannabis into their overall wellness goal or recuperate from the effects of general stress, mood swings, menstrual pain or menopause.

At the event this Thursday, founder Shannon Donnelly will address the educational component of the event and advise women about the strains and products best suited for their health needs.

The PrestoDoctor Team is excited to partner with this event! We are providing the promo code HEALTHYHONEYS for a 5% discount to all the women in attendance who require a medical cannabis recommendation. Register for the event today and get your card with PrestoDoctor!