How to Spot High Quality CBD

high quality cbd

CBD is being widely used by hundreds of thousands of people, as its medicinal properties contain benefits that help numerous medical conditions. With all the buzz, many new CBD products are hitting the market.

One of our favorite high quality CBD brands is CBD Drip. We talked with Erik Apple to learn more about what makes a quality CBD product.

1. First, what are some of the major medical benefits of CBD?

There are so many benefits, it can be hard to list! The endocannabinoid system really does regulate almost every aspect of your body’s functions. 

2. What should patients look for when purchasing high quality CBD?

Full spectrum is key to high quality CBD. This means a wide range of cannabinoids present in the product. Full spectrum CBD also contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber.  

Also, check for lab/testing results on their site to look for purity and/or chemicals that shouldn’t be there.

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3. Are there certain forms of CBD that are better for different purposes?

Yes! Certain types can have different effects on the body. Some work all day but take a while to get into your system. Others work right away but leave the body faster.

I recommend doing some research, and also biting the bullet to test for yourself. Nobody knows what you need better then you do!

4. What’s the most popular CBD Drip product, and why?

Our EcoGels have been a great product that seems to help everybody that takes them! It’s extremely high quality.

5. What makes you excited about what you do?

There is nothing more satisfying than showing up to a job that helps people all over this country. CBD has such an important place in the healing journey, and I feel grateful to be a part of it.

Company Bio:

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CBD Drip provides high-quality CBD products that include capsules, drinks, pet products, drops, and vapes. We serve people all over the world and are dedicated to executing top testing standards. Our quality is always our priority.

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