The Worst Cannabis Myths We’ve Heard

worst cannabis myths

Cannabis has gone through years of taboo. Thankfully, due to recent legislation and overall cultural tolerance, the cannabis industry is discussed more candidly than ever before.

As members of the industry, we’ve heard a fair share of cannabis myths, bad advice, and misunderstandings. Here are some of the biggest cannabis myths we’ve heard. Enjoy!

Cannabis Myth #1: “Weed makes you feel ____ (insert feeling here) ____.”

Different kinds of cannabis exist for a reason! Depending on the THC level, strain, and CBD level, cannabis produces different feelings. Strains high in THC will generally produce more psychoactive feelings (often referred to as feeling “high”).

Strains high in CBD are non-psychoactive and are often used to reduce inflammation. Sativa or indica strains produce different effects as well. Sativa is more energetic, while indica is more calming. Categorizing all cannabis as one experience is vastly inaccurate.

Cannabis Myth #2: “Just smoke the synthetic stuff. It’s not like weed.”

Oh, boy. Where do we begin? It’s not like weed, because it’s 100% worse. Synthetic cannabis is often referred to as Spice or K2. It’s essentially dried plant, like basil or oregano, sprayed with numerous poisonous chemicals that have serious adverse effects on health. Take the word of countless medical professional, and skip out on synthetic cannabis.

Cannabis Myth #3: “The D.A.R.E. program taught me that smoking weed leads to drug addiction.”

D.A.R.E. said many things that were inaccurate and ineffective, such as claiming cannabis is a gateway drug. Luckily, D.A.R.E. now focuses on alcohol and tobacco as the main offenders and leaves cannabis out. The mainstream medical community agrees, and cannabis is commonly used to treat medical conditions.

Cannabis Myth #4: “If you don’t feel the full effects of edibles quickly, eat the whole thing.”

Initial effects of edibles typically activate in roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour. Edibles can take a while to metabolize in the system, especially depending on physical activity and food eaten that day. Overconsumption also occurs from unawareness of potency.

Microdosing is the best strategy to receive optimum levels of health benefits over time. Although no record of death by consuming cannabis exist, discomfort by overconsumption can occur. Getting your medical marijuana card is a great step to ensure proper consumption from industry professionals.

We are happy to report the frequency of cannabis myths we hear are decreasing every year. What’re some of the worst cannabis myths you’ve heard?