PrestoDoctor Lowers Prices, Prioritizing Med Card Access For All

med card lower prices

PrestoDoctor announces lower prices, prioritizing med card access for all. This is a major step in making quality medical marijuana care easier for those with a lower income. 

For PrestoDoctor, the customized care isn’t changing – just the price.

Why Low Medical Marijuana Card Prices Matter

The decision to lower medical marijuana card prices come after a realization seen too often within today’s society, as COO and Co-Founder of PrestoDoctor, Rob Tankson, points out:

“We looked at our patient demographic data, and noticed folks with lower household income were leaving the site after seeing our pricing page. From the start, our mission has been to provide easier access to medical marijuana. This pricing adjustment will allow us to help more patients that may be price sensitive.”

At the core of PrestoDoctor, you’ll find a passion to bring the best possible healthcare to those in need. That’s why PrestoDoctor currently works to provide United States Veterans free appointments with the Weed For Warriors Project. Lowering medical marijuana card prices come with a similar sentiment: help bring quality healthcare to those who may not have access otherwise.

Custom Care For All

custom medical cardPrestoDoctor isn’t like the standard churn in, churn out med card evaluation. If you are a prospective patient with a serious condition, PrestoDoctor’s physicians create custom medical marijuana treatment plans based on your condition, needs, lifestyle, and more.

“We offer very customized care in our online med card service. It takes a lot more energy on our part to give patients custom medical marijuana recommendations. However, after realizing many people felt like they couldn’t afford a med card, we made the leap to lower prices. I’m proud we came to this.”

With lower prices, PrestoDoctor can now provide their custom care to thousands more. Too many low income families are treated as a number, making custom care minimal. The reality PrestoDoctor is trying to communicate, is that everyone is worth compassion and quality medical care.

PrestoDoctor’s New Prices

Overall, PrestoDoctor has decreased their prices by an average of 30%. Below, you’ll find the new pricing breakdown in the states PrestoDoctor operates in:

Med Card
Nevada$109.99 (One Year Card)
$129.99 (Two Year Card)
New York$139.99

Prices differ as different states require different state fees

Click here to view more details on pricing.

Savings With A Medical Marijuana Card

savings with a card

If you are a marijuana user, the savings with a medical card can be extremely significant. For example, in California, every $100 you spend, $20 goes toward taxes. Use our interactive calculator, and learn how much you are spending on just taxes with your recreational marijuana purchases. A medical marijuana card eliminates that tax burden for patients.

If you’re unsure if you qualify for a medical marijuana card, simply check the qualifying conditions:

Ready For A Med Card?

To get a medical marijuana card today, simply go to PrestoDoctor and book an appointment. All PrestoDoctor appointments are done online, so you can schedule your appointment from home, work, or even a coffee shop.

There’s a reason PrestoDoctor has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, and we are extremely excited to share that experience with more folks in need.