PrestoDoctor and MARY Magazine.

mary magazine
PrestoDoctor is pleased to announce its partnership with MARY – The Mature Voice of Cannabis Culture. MARY was founded in 2014 and has since become a leading lifestyle magazine that explores ways for readers to educate and enlighten themselves on the culture of cannabis. It is published by Fresh Media Inc. and seeks to change the stigmas, clichΓ©s, and stereotypes associated with cannabis, as well as cultivate a community of like-minded individuals in this industry.


In addition to its publication, MARY also hosts and curates events, including formal dinners, across various cities in the United States. The renowned dinner parties for selected guests focus on the medicinal benefits of cannabis and illustrate the culinary expertise needed to create a cannabis-centric fine dining experience.

As the second issue of MARY is scheduled for release, the MARY team is offering the PrestoDoctor network a discount on the price to purchase the issue. Using the promo code PRESTODR, PrestoDoctor patients and affiliates will receive $5 the cover price of the issue.

Further, the PrestoDoctor team will work on site to issue medical cannabis recommendations at the next MARY dinner, which takes place in San Francisco this October 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates on the dinner and other partnership efforts with MARY.