Different Methods of Using Cannabis

Cannabis, which is also known as marijuana, is a plant that people use for recreational or medical purposes. Cannabis can be in the form of marijuana, hashish, or hash oil, and it comes from Indian hemp plants like Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Your doctor can recommend medical cannabis when he or she deems that you need it, but researchers have not tested the full extent of its effectiveness because of government restrictions. When you use it for recreational purposes, you will feel an altered version of your reality where your emotions, feelings, and perception are changed. There are several ways on how you can use cannabis, and here are some.

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Smoking cannabis can involve different types of items or materials. For example, you can use water pipes, hand pipes, or hookahs. Water pipes include bongs and bubblers. These pipes incorporate the use of water when smoking cannabis. The water cools the smoke that you produce before it reaches your lung, which users highly like because it is smoother to inhale. It also filters carcinogens and provides a fast effect in making you high. These pipes come in different sizes and shapes. On the other hand, a hand pipe is a smoking tool that has a neck, bowl, mouthpiece, and carb. They are curvy and simple to use, so people mostly use them to smoke cannabis. Hand pipes do not need other pieces of equipment to function, unlike hookahs. People also use hookahs but rarely. These are the types of water pipes that people commonly use for shisha. It causes cannabis to burn fast, giving you little time to inhale it, but the advantage is it allows multiple people to use it at a time.


If you are a health-conscious user of cannabis, vaporizing is the best way to use it for you. In vaporizing, you can use vaporizers which heats herbs at a steady temperature. The temperature will help in not bringing out potential toxins because of the low heat. It will only be able to extract the cannabinoids that you need like THC or CBD. Using vaporizers can minimize the health risks that you can have when you are smoking. These vaporizers also come in different styles and designs. There are portable ones which you can carry wherever you go and are available in the market. You can avail of vaporizers that use cartridges or vaporizers that use cannabis in the form of oil and wax. Other types like pen vaporizers, stationary vaporizers, balloon style vaporizers, tubing vaporizers, or direct draw vaporizers are also available. The pen vaporizers come in the shape of a small pen while the other, as the name suggests, is a stationary vaporizer that you can only use at home because you need to plug it in before you can use it.


Dabbing is a combination of smoking and vaporizing. You use concentrated oils called dabs that are made by extracting cannabinoids, THC, or CBD using carbon dioxide. You can drop the oil on a hot surface and wait for it to vaporize. Smoking dabs often requires a special rig, which people call the dab rig. The complete set of items to complete your set up are the rig, nail, dabber, and torch for heating. When you are setting up for dabbing, you need to make sure that the nail is secured to the dab rig. After that, you can heat your nail from 25-30 seconds depending on how thick it is. Next, wait for the nail to cool down at twice the time you spent heating it, then place the dab on the nail. You need to wait for the dab to evaporate and immediately cover the carb and slowly inhale and exhale. Do not do it quickly because it can irritate your lungs and cause you to cough endlessly. Of course, after doing your session with dabbing, you need to clean your items and store them in a clean place.

In the Form of Pills or Capsule

The cannabis that people use is often packaged in pills or capsules for easy consumption. These pills and capsules contain doses that are uniform, so you will not need to worry about taking too much of it. It is one of the newest products that people have started manufacturing for the medicinal market. It is essential to keep in mind that when you are taking these capsules or pills, you must start with low dosages and take it slowly. Do not take it like how you eat your meals, and you must consider its potency. It is necessary to see if the product is THC dominant or CBD dominant. THC is the compound you can find in cannabis that gives you the sensation of being high while CBD will not most likely make a user feel high. CBD can help in the treatment of depression, migraines, mental disorders, or seizures, and THC has the potential of treating glaucoma, insomnia, and low appetite. People often consider the consumption of cannabis through pills and capsules safer than smoking it.

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Using cannabis can potentially cause various side effects like dizziness, vomiting, and hallucinations, so you need to make sure that you will not develop a dependence to it. Getting high and using it daily just to get the effect of having hallucinations to escape your reality is a sign that you need to stop. It is not something that you can should whenever it is convenient for you to numb or lighten your feelings. It is a drug that you need to use after the approval of your doctor and the issuance of his or her recommendations. The abuse of using it can have a negative effect not only on your life but on the lives of people around you. It can impair your cognitive ability, like making plans, making decisions, and it can even affect your control over your emotions. Do not use cannabis as a tool to avoid your reality because it only gives temporary effects. The short-lived high is not enough prize for the adverse effects it can give your life.

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