Essential Accessories For Dabbers

Dabbing is the process of making cannabis concentrates by extracting the THC component and other cannabinoids which results in sticky and thick oil. Dabs are also called wax or BHO which stands for butane hash oil. It is heated and the vapor from it is exhaled. It is relatively a new way of consuming cannabis which only emerged in the last decade but it has been steadily gaining popularity due to its increased potency and effect. The extraction process is quite tricky and complicated so only experienced people should be doing it. New dabbers would need some essential accessories to get the most from the concentrate.

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Dab Rig

The equipment that makes dabbing what it is is called a dab rig. Other types of bong won’t work because of the absence of a nail which is an essential part of this tool. It is a type of water pipe or bong used to smoke the concentrate mostly made and designed with glass with the incorporation of the use of a water filter. This is done by putting water to the dab rig, blasting the nail with a torch, and then putting the concentrate in as you inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece of the rig. It is as simple as that. The dab rig prevents the loss of concentration vapor that is produced and they are smaller compared to other bongs to help maintain the taste of the vapor. 

Concentrate Nail

The concentrate nail sets apart dabbing from other forms of consuming cannabis. It is primarily in charge of receiving your hash oil, sublimating it to feeding the vapor into the rig itself for you to inhale. In choosing a nail, you have to look for something that fits your preference and the kind of experience you want to have. It can be made of titanium, ceramic, quartz, and glass. There is a wide collection of choices, and the choice depends on whether you want better retention of heat or better yielding of flavor. If you want a fire-free use of dab rings then you can opt for electronic nails that are torchless so you wouldn’t need a torch or blue flames. 

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Dab Torch

The dab torch is what’s primarily used to blast fire onto the dab rig which vaporizes your concentrates. Although you can use any other torch, it is recommended that you use one that is intended for dabbing which is primarily fueled with butane because they are handier and more controlled. They should be able to produce a large flame that can heat the nail quickly and evenly without breaking it especially if it is made of glass or ceramic. Be careful in handling this and store it away from flammable objects.

Dabbing is a new way to experience hash concentrates and it has been known as a fun way to do so. The popularity is causing people to rush in buying these essentials so they can try it out themselves. If you want to try dabbing, you would have to invest in these basic tools because they are primarily what’s needed. 

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