Enjoy Your Dabbing Experience: 4 Techniques

Dabbing is a more advanced method of consuming cannabis and other related products. Dabs are basically herb concentrates, making them much more potent and giving you a more intense sensation than standard herb consumption methods. Its unique and modern technique of herb consumption is definitely something to enjoy.

Enjoy Your Dabbing Experience: 4 Techniques

The primary way to dab is through heating the wax, which is a sticky oil with honey-like consistency on a nail or any hot surface. The smoke formed is then inhaled through a dab rig. With modern technology, tons of newly developed gadgets are now available in the market for everyone’s dabbing pleasure. 

Dabbing can be a challenging escapade when you want to smoke your favorite herbs. Newbies and even seasoned smokers encounter plenty of issues, such as awful flavor and physical discomfort. Some have difficulties finding the correct temperature or the best rig accessories. Fortunately, here are four amazing techniques to help you enjoy your dabbing experience!

Use Gloves

Some make the mistake of skipping the gloves and proceeding immediately to the dabbing process. But you won’t be enjoying the dab if your fingers are as equally slimy and sticky as the buds in your dab packs. Handling buds with your bare hands can also lead to contamination as bacteria can quickly travel from the skin to the oils. 

Use gloves to avoid bud contamination. Bacteria in your dabs can affect the herb quality and may even cause some health hazards. Keep your dabs clean and contaminant-free by wearing gloves. You will also keep it safe from dilution and other possible issues caused by mishandling. Enjoy a clean and slime-free experience with your dabs. 

Let the Nail Cool

Whether you are new or old to the dabbing community, you have probably heard of some dabbing horror tales. Some users report side effects such as sudden bursts of unpleasant flavors, chest pain, and many more. Well, these are probably the results of dabbing at a very high temperature. 

Seasoned smokers know that the key to avoiding these adverse effects is to dab using relatively less heat. You can achieve this temperature by letting the nail cool for a few seconds after heating it. If the nails are too hot, the concentrates combust, causing foul taste and physical discomfort.

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High flames are responsible for the dabs’ change of aroma and flavor because it damages the components, affecting the herb’s overall quality. Keep the temperature low so you can enjoy the sensation that you rightfully paid for.

Invest in a Quartz Nail

There are many materials that can be used to make nails for dabbing processes. Some include titanium, glass, and quartz! However, a review from the freeze pipe website says that quartz is one of the most popular materials among the three standard options. Its perks and general contribution to a great dabbing experience are one of a kind. 

With a quartz nail, you can experience the cleanest and purest dab compared to titanium and glass. Quartz is also a robust material, making it more durable than glass. Keep your rigs safer with stronger materials and avoid cracks in your beaker dab rig. Quartz nails will bring the best out of your dab rig.  

Use Carburetors

Air usually flows freely to the nail in your rig. Carb caps are carburetors for your dab rig, limiting the amount of air flowing to the dab nail. By restricting its natural movement, you are lowering the boiling temperature, allowing you to concentrate your oils even more and achieve a more enjoyable experience. 

By capping your nail, you are altering every hit’s flavor and experience to become more affluent and pleasing. It helps you achieve the perfect temperature by putting your rig under pressure. Using a carb cap can help you collect the last of your dab, giving you a thick and luscious hit of flavorful smoke.

Overall, there are many ways to dab professionally. Get every inch of flavor from those waxy herb concentrates and enjoy a pure and clean hit with every session. Use only the best materials and invest in high-quality dabbing instruments that can definitely improve your overall dabbing encounter.

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Do not forget to clean your rigs regularly to enjoy cleaner hits every time. Cleaned dabbing instruments are not only for good hygiene and appearance but have some practical benefits as well. Oils leave residues after a single use that can affect the smoke quality of your next dab. Keep your dabs pure by cleaning your rig regularly and efficiently.

Enjoy a cleaner hit with full flavor and fantastic sensations when you get every step correctly. Use high-quality buds and smoking instruments. Keep them clean and contaminant-free for your personal smoking pleasure.

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