What’s the Best Marijuana Product for Pain?

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Most people avoid synthetic medicine in treating pain, which has made them find better ways to relieve pain. Marijuana is now in use to treat several body ailments, including chronic pain. Despite not having adequate research to reveal its benefits and use, experts who have used it, and some tests have proven that marijuana can treat pain and heal other ailments. In marijuana, there are two types of products, the CBD pills, and the CBD oils, which both, when used appropriately, can heal different types of body pains. You don’t have to smoke the product when you can use different product formation to heal the pain and save your lungs. Here are some useful products to use.

1) Gum

Gum is one of the most used marijuana products to heal pain and for other benefits. With gum, you only need to chew it for fifteen minutes and enjoy over four hours of pain relief. The gum product comes in a spearmint pack consisting of six pellets, which provides 150 milligrams or more THC or 25 Milligrams of the marijuana concentration per pellet, depending on the manufacturer. According to marijuana experts from Pig ‘N’ Whistle, a dispensary in Denver, Colorado, there are different types of gum products to choose from, which depend on the manufacturer and the concentration of the Marijuana effects. These products are varied to provide an essential quantity of marijuana, depending on your intake. There are gums for beginners, intermediaries, and those who take the concentrated stuff. 

The good thing about these gum products is that you can use them anywhere and anytime since they are portable and don’t require any equipment. You can also regulate your body’s marijuana content by regulating the number of pellets you chew per session.

2) Marijuana Tea

Marijuana Tea is one of the commonly used marijuana products in homes and offices and has more benefits than just making one feel incredible. They help relieve body pain. According to recently done studies, sipping marijuana tea after suffering much body pain has proved useful to heal the pain and bring back good moods. The good thing about cannabis-infused tea is that you can make it by yourself at home, in the office or when traveling, and its preparation doesn’t require many items or take time. You only need water, either cold or hot, and the marijuana fused tea leaves, which are ready to use. 

Marijuana tea is regarded as a slow pain reliever but has long-lasting effects once it hits your body’s nerves. Like other marijuana products, there are different varieties of marijuana tea, with different sizes and different marijuana concentrations depending on your usage level.

3) Bath Salts

Do you have painful, aching body parts after a hard day’s work or when involved in some tiresome chores? Then look no more as there are marijuana bath salts that help reduce the pain and soothe your body, making you feel well again. You need to buy the marijuana salts in the marijuana shop near you or online and use the ingredients as prescribed on the packet. In most cases, you add the salts in warm, bathing water and take a dip or bath with the water to enjoy the relief and soothing effects of marijuana. There are different bathing salts to choose from, and according to its users, it’s potent, and you will enjoy the fantastic experience that comes with it.

4) Tampons

How is Tampons a marijuana product? You may ask. There are marijuana tampons for ladies for use during their monthly periods and help relieve menstrual pain. Not all women, but to some, their periods come with pain and discomfort, making them necessary to find alternative remedies to cure such pain. Many have found relief through marijuana-infused tampons, which works better than traditional over-the-counter pain relievers. These tampons aren’t like the regular ladies’ tampons but suppositories that a lady inserts on her vagina when menstruating. 

It may sound weird, but they help in naturally relieving the pain. The marijuana present in the suppositories fuses with the blood and makes one experience less or no pain during their menstrual days.

5) Coffee

Like marijuana tea, there is marijuana coffee, which works best to relieve body pain and aching discomfort. Coffee is best used to relieve the overnight pain, and it’s best taken in the morning before starting your day. The effects of the coffee and the marijuana components relieve the body pain and soothe it and prepare it for the day ahead. Coffee pods, which you can get in marijuana shops, come in different strengths, strains, and packages. You can either caffeinated or decaffeinated, and they are best used by individuals who are just beginning to take marijuana products or intermediaries since they don’t have that strong effect. 

Besides coffee pods, you can also get tea or cocoa pods, which helps start your day fresh and relieved. The good thing about these pods comes packed with environmentally friendly materials that are 100% compostable.

6) Topical Balm

Not a fan of ingesting marijuana products? Worry no more as there are topical balms made for individuals like you to relieve body pain. These medicated topical balms are infused with cannabis and other soothing products, which help relieve skin and muscle pain when applied to the skin. There are different topical balms to choose from, with some coming with different flavors, including orange, cedarwood, bergamot, and lavender, depending on an individual’s needs. 

The manufacturers combine different products, including cannabis, to develop a perfect soothing ingredient for relieving pain. The good thing about these topical gums is that they contain 100% natural green ingredients, making them suitable for vegans.

The above list contains some marijuana products you can use to cure pain and other ailments. However, we haven’t exhausted the list. There are more out there with different manufacturers and different modes of application. All you need is to access the physical or online store selling these products and purchase yours according to your needs. 

Also, you need to check the composition of these products and ask your doctor for advice before using them. A disclaimer to this is that most of these products haven’t been tested clinically, and their pain relief benefits might differ. Always check on the rules governing marijuana intake in your area.

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