PrestoDoctor Lowers Prices and Expands Hours

PrestoDoctor announces lower prices and earlier hours to allow med card access for all. This is another major step in making quality medical cannabis care easier for those with a lower income. 

For PrestoDoctor, customized care isn’t changing – just the price.

Lower Prices & Telemedicine Means More Patient Access

As the leader in online cannabis evaluations, PrestoDoctor is always striving to improve the patient experience. While the company has served over 100K patients across several states we have always listened to the community. As a result, we are lowering the prices of our telemedicine consultations in two states that have government application fees – to further expand patient’s access to our service.

“We always strive to improve on the platform and enhance the patient experience. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide easier access to medical cannabis. With prices being lowered, patients who were price-sensitive in the past will have the opportunity to access our telemedicine platform and cannabis-friendly physicians.”

COO and Co-Founder of PrestoDoctor, Rob Tankson


  • If you are a non-resident looking for a California card, the price is $69.99.
  • If you are a resident looking for a Nevada card, the price is $89.99 for a 1-year card or $109.99 for a 2-year card. Note that the state charges a separate application fee ($50 for 1-year, $100 for 2-years).


  • The price is $109.99. Note that the state charges a separate application fee ($100, reduced to $20 if you have SoonerCare).

*Return Patient Renewals are still discounted

Earlier appointment times

To better meet the needs of the patient’s schedules, we will now offer earlier appointment availability. The first appointment will now be offered at 9:00 am Eastern time, an hour earlier from the current start time of 10:00 am Eastern.  Effective December 10, 2019, PrestoDoctor is excited to offer lower prices and earlier hours.

Savings with a Medical Cannabis Card

calculate your cost savings with a medical card
Cost savings with a medical cannabis card.

As a cannabis consumer, the cost benefits of having a medical card can be incredibly beneficial. In California, for example, every $100 you spend, at least $20 goes towards taxes. Use our interactive calculator to learn how much you are spending on taxes for your adult-use cannabis purchase. A medical cannabis card helps ease some of the tax burdens for patients. 

If you’re unsure if you qualify for a medical marijuana card, simply check the qualifying conditions:

Ready For A Medical Card?

To get a medical cannabis card today, head over to PrestoDoctor and book an appointment. All PrestoDoctor appointments are done entirely online, allowing you to see one of our physicians from the comfort of your own couch, your work couch or even a coffee shop couch!

There’s a reason PrestoDoctor has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, and we are extremely excited to share that experience with more patients seeking cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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