What Is a Tolerance Break, and Do You Need One?

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Do You Need a Tolerance Break?

According to the CDC, 48.2 million Americans have used THC at least once in their life. Consuming cannabis every once in awhile is unlikely to create a tolerance for your body. However, if you are a regular user and have felt that the effects of THC have become lesser, you may want to consider taking a tolerance break. Some cannabis physicians suggest taking a 48-hour break every 30 days to manage tolerance.

But what is a tolerance break, and do you actually need to take one? Keep reading to learn about how a tolerance break can benefit you and if you should think about taking one.  

What Is a Tolerance Break?

A tolerance break is when one temporary and deliberately stops consuming cannabis to reset the body’s tolerance to THC. Tolerance is when the body becomes resistant to the effects of a substance that is taken regularly.

Scientists are still trying to figure out the effects that tolerance has on your body, but one thing they know is that each person is different. Different factors such as consumption patterns, routes of administration, and genetic makeup can play a role in each person’s tolerance. It also depends on how much cannabis or weed they’re using- the more cannabis consumed, the higher the tolerance. 

Your body’s system is very responsive, especially THC receptors. If you use too much cannabis, it could actually make you less sensitive to it. The more that you keep using THC, the more that you’ll end up needing to take to feel the same effects that you felt the first time. Cannabis tolerance can develop if you use it consistently, but researchers are still unsure of how long this takes to build up.

Each person is different, and the way you consume THC could also make a difference. In general, if you realize that you have to start using more cannabis to reach the same effect, you may have built up a tolerance to it.

Thankfully, a tolerance break (t break) is easy to do, and you’ll get a lot of benefits from it. There are many different ways to take a break. Taking one will allow you to feel the effects of cannabis in a stronger way as if it is new again. You’ll also get more use from your product, which can save you money in the long run.  

How It Works

If you want to start a cannabis tolerance break, then you’ll have to stop consuming cannabis. You’ll need to stop for at least two days, but you may get better results if you can go longer without it. 

After just two days of not consuming cannabis, your receptors will forget what it’s like to have THC. They will start responding as normal, before consuming cannabis. 

Unfortunately, not much research has been done about t breaks. However, taking a two-day break every month may help to manage your dependence and tolerance of THC. 

If you consume larger amounts of THC, then you might want to consider taking a break for longer than 21 days. However, this will depend completely on your body and your needs. There isn’t one solution that can fit every person.


While some research suggests that it might be very hard to overdose on THC, there are still benefits of taking a tolerance break. 

Tolerance breaks can bring all kinds of benefits without having to put much effort in. This will also minimize your risk of accidentally consuming too much cannabis. 

It will also help make your cannabis use more effective in the long run. You won’t need as much weed to get the same high, so you’ll end up spending less money.

When you ingest THC, it will activate receptors in your brain. When these are triggered over and over again, your body will reduce how many receptors there are, which means that you’ll have to use even more to get the same high. 

It also triggers the reward sensation, which is what makes people feel so great. However, because it has this ability, it’s easy for some people to want to feel that constantly and accidentally overuse THC, which can create an even higher tolerance. 

Tolerance Break Length

There’s no right answer for what the right tolerance break length is. Some people suggest taking two days every month. Some people suggest going two weeks without it. Research shows that your CB1 receptor returns to a cannabis-naive state after only 48 hours. This means your tolerance should be back to normal after not consuming for two days.

If you consume cannabis on most days, a true tolerance break should last at least 21 days. This is because it takes around three weeks or more for THC to leave your body since it bonds to fat cells.

You should talk with your doctor to make sure that it’s safe to do it so that you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor may be able to recommend the right time length to do it as well. 

How to Go on a Tolerance Break

If you’re using THC for medical reasons, you should always talk to your doctor first, because you may need to depend on it. But there are two main methods to go on a tolerance break.

You can either quit cold turkey or taper down. If you quit cold turkey, this is the most effective and quickest method. However, it can be very difficult for some people, and it can leave some side effects behind. You may experience irritability, decreased appetite, depressed mood, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. These side effects usually happen only to heavy cannabis users or those especially sensitive to withdrawal. However, any side effects are typically mild and non disruptive. To combat the side effects, stay hydrated, exercise, and keep your mind busy with other activities that you enjoy. 

If you would rather taper down, start reducing your dosage each day until you get to zero. Once you’re at zero, stay there for a few days and then work your way back up. This option is less likely to cause any withdrawal symptoms, but it will also take longer. 

Tips For a Successful Break

The first step to starting a tolerance break is to pick a date. If your schedule allows, try to pick a date sooner rather than later so that you don’t have a big lead up which can lead to procrastination. Be sure to hide all cannabis product and paraphernalia to not tempt yourself. Taking a tolerance break can be especially useful with the support of a friend. Your friend may even want to partake in the break with you and you can lean on each other for support!

While you’re on your break, the hardest part will be not consuming during the time you would usually consume cannabis. Try to fill these gaps of time with a new hobby or even a new tv show you’ve been wanting to watch. If you typically consume before bed time, try to start a new bed time routine that does not involve consuming cannabis. In essence, do something to fill the gap where you would normally be consuming cannabis.

Discover More About If You Need a Tolerance Break

These are only a few things you need to know about a tolerance break, but you should always check with your doctor first. 

We know that it can be difficult to even get THC in the first place, which is why we’re here to help you out. Our specialized cannabis doctors are here to answer any questions you may have, and to help you get your medical marijuana card.

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