What Is CBG and What Does It Do?

CBD products have exploded on the market in the last few years, after their production was legalized by federal law in 2018. Its lesser-known cousin, CBG, has only recently sprung onto the scene. If you stay up to date on the latest holistic health trends, you may have come across information on this product but are unsure exactly how it works and why people take it. 

CBG is a compound that comes from the cannabis plant that has a lot of things in common with other compounds, but is quite distinct from others. In short, it can bring about some welcome health advantages without many of the drawbacks.

This article goes over the basics of CBG––what it is and the health benefits it offers. Keep reading to find out if it could help you address some of your health concerns.

The Basics

CBG stands for “cannabigerol.” It is one of more than 400 distinct biologically active compounds, or “cannabinoids”, found in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids comprise substances that people take for various social, recreational, religious, and health reasons. Any other cannabinoid besides THC and CBD are considered a minor cannabinoid.

One distinction among the types of cannabinoids is between ones that are psychoactive and those that are not. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is perhaps the best-known psychoactive compound, as it is the main component in marijuana that produces a high. Along with cannabidiol (CBD), the CBG cannabinoid is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids. CBG is found in smaller quantities than other cannabinoids.

Cannabigerol is the “parent” molecule of the other prominent cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. In fact, these compounds cannot exist without CBG. For this reason, it is often called the “mother of all cannabinoids.”

However, CBG does not contain CBD or THC. To render these compounds, you must convert the raw form of CBG into these other products.

One unique quality of Cannabigerol is that it does not have to come from cannabis at all. For instance, you can produce it using sugarcane fermentation. This alternative method helps avoid regulations associated with hemp products in the United States.

Yes, CBG is legal. The only stipulation is that it derives from a hemp plant containing less than 0.3 percent THC. The 2018 Farm Bill laid out this level of potency, enabling the legal production and sale of CBD and other hemp-derived compounds.

CBG is not present in high amounts in most strains, so to have a strain with a high CBG content it must be crossbred to produce higher levels of Cannabigerol.

Note that, since CBG is legal to possess and sell, you can buy it online. Many prominent retailers ship their CBG products, even if you live out of state.

How Does It Work?

Like other cannabinoids, CBG impacts the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS plays a big role in maintaining homeostasis, or regulating the balance of the different physiological processes throughout the body.

Cannabigerol works by linking up with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the brain. It also helps block the reuptake of certain neurotransmitters in the body, which creates a calming effect.

CBG interacts with other enzymes and receptors in the body linked to anxiety, depression, and pain perception. Other receptors impact mood and appetite. CBG blocks the firing of these receptors, resulting in relaxation and mood soothing.

CBG Benefits

In general, the effects are very similar to CBD, with a few distinctions. Here are the main categories of medical benefits CBG can yield.

Does CBG Get You High? Is CBG Psychoactive?

No, CBG is non psychoactive with means it does not give you the high effect that THC does. For people who want to leverage the other health benefits of cannabinoids while avoiding the feeling of “being high”, Cannabigerol is a great option.

Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

Cannabigerol has shown a lot of promise as a dietary supplement by helping improve mood and alleviating stress and generalized anxiety. One huge advantage is that it can have therapeutic benefits and soothing effect without causing drowsiness. For these reasons, it is effective at treating anxiety disorders, depression, and sleep problems.

Inflammation and Neurological Disorders

Like CBD, CBG is effective in treating myriad neurodegenerative and inflammatory conditions. These include Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. A study conducted recently shows Cannabigerol has shown a lot of promise in treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis as well.

Recent studies show that Cannabigerol may be able to address ADHD. It acts as a regulator to the sympathetic nervous system and regulates blood pressure and heart rate.

You can use Cannabigerol also to treat chronic pain and inflammatory bowel disease. It is also a common prescription to treat epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

Other Health Impacts

Studies show that Cannabigerol can help induce appetite and calm irritation. This has made it a go-to supplement for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Like other cannabinoids, it is effective at treating glaucoma. Some studies have shown that it can stave off bacterial infections and some cancer-causing cells. There are a wide range of ailments that have shown to be benefited from high quality Cannabigerol.

CBG Side Effects

Another health benefit of CBG is that it is a great alternative to other medications that have adverse side effects. Unlike many prescription pain medications, antidepressants, and sleep aids, Cannabigerol is not addictive, nor does it have significant side effects. Cannabigerol can be derived from hemp plants which are federally legal. This means it is not a scheduled substance and is legal to buy without having a medical marijuana license.

Also, Cannabigerol is not habit-forming. This, combined with its calming effects, make it a great treatment for addiction withdrawals, like those related to smoking cessation. You also are less likely to build up a tolerance to Cannabigerol as with other medications.

Even though Cannabigerol does not cause negative side effects, it is still important to start small. You can, like with any substance, build up a tolerance over time. Easing into dosage will also help you find the right amount to bring about the health impacts you want without going overboard.


The main difference between CBD vs CBG are that they do not bind to the same receptors and differ on a molecular level. CBG binds to the same receptors as THC which means it can help with the same issues that THC helps with. THC and CBG can help with nervous system issues including migraines, muscle soreness, glaucoma, and appetite. CBD is more helpful for immunity related conditions as well as mood disorders.

What CBG Products Are Available?

Like other cannabinoids, there are many different types of CBG products. These include supplements, such as Cannabigerol powders and pills. Similar to CBD and THC, you may also buy CBG gummies. You can also buy CBG oils and tinctures, which you can mix into food or drinks.

Cannabigerol crystals are a powder that you can blend into smoothies or consume directly. You can also buy Cannabigerol topical ointments and lotions. These absorb into your body and help soothe and heal the skin.

Some marijuana strains are bred specifically to have a higher CBG content and will not get you high. One of these popular CBG strains is called White Widow. CBG hemp flower is often sold to people who want the benefits of a cannabinoid, but do not want to get high. If the flower tests for under 0.3 THC, you will not get the high psychoactive effect.

However, just be aware that since hemp farmers can legally grow and sell smokable Cannabigerol, it is not subject to the same testing standards as cannabis products.

Learn More About CBG Products

Now that you know more about what CBG is good for, how CBG works, as well as an understanding of the health benefits it affords, you can decide if it is right for you. It can effectively treat myriad ailments or be a welcome supplement for increased everyday health. 

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