The 10+ Benefits Of Cannabis Topicals

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As the cannabis community comes out from the curtain and into the legal light, the methods of consumption are being innovative and creativity explored. One method of consumption that has gained large traction are topicals.

Topicals are cannabis-infused oils, balms, and lotions that absorb through the skin. Some patients are beginning to exclusively stick to this external consumption method due to the multiple benefits of cannabis topicals. So, what does that include? We’ve put together 10+ benefits of cannabis topicals.

1. Localized Pain Management

benefits of cannabis topicals pain management

Numerous studies suggest that cannabis can help with pain management. Pain management is one of the leading reasons for patients to pursue medical marijuana cards.

What makes topicals so great is that you can apply the medication right on the areas causing pain. For example, if you’re experiencing neck pain, a topical can be applied directly to the neck, and relief can be experienced within 20 minutes.

2. Non-psychoactive

One of the biggest draws for cannabis topicals, are the fact that they do not enter the bloodstream. This means there is no psychoactivity, a major benefit when trying to exclusively experience pain/irritation relief.

Patients can apply limitlessly, without the possible side effects of too much THC.

3. Skin Irritation & Itching

Skin irritation is one of the most dramatic reliefs topicals can provide. Patients who have struggled years with skin issues report feeling extremely quick relief through cannabis topicals. Those who experience rashes, eczema, and that of the like have had those issues severely or completely relieved. One patient was beaming with excitement after experiencing eczema relief through topicals.

I’ve been struggling with eczema on my hand my whole life. I’ve seen countless doctors and have been prescribed every steroid cream you can imagine. When I first heard of topicals, I was apprehensive if it could help with my pretty severe itching, swelling, and irritation. I tried topicals, and the next day it was almost completely cleared up. This made me a big believer.

4. Psoriasis Relief

Psoriasis is the excessive buildup of skin cells, which causes itching, redness, and inflammation. There is no cure for this condition, and options to treat are very limited. A 2007 study suggested that cannabinoids help inhibit the buildup of skin cells. Although more research is needed for any conclusive evidence, patients are speaking out on how it is helping them. Numerous medical marijuana patients report feeling relief, and even a complete clear up of symptoms.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Reducing inflammation is at the core of topicals benefits, and the reason it helps relieve so many medical symptoms. Cannabis helps by fighting inflammation through activating the CB2 receptors. Because cannabis topicals can be localized, specific bodily inflammation can be targeted more aggressively.

6. Helps With Arthritis

benefits of cannabis topicals arthritis reliefThere are many different forms of Arthritis, but the main theme it boils down to is a joint disease, leading to joint pain due to inflammation. The major symptoms include swelling, irritation, and stiffness. As mentioned before, the anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis help relieve these symptoms immensely. Cannabis topicals are showing to help patients struggling with arthritis dramatically.

7. Heals Burns Faster

Because of cannabis’ pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, topicals have shown to help patients healing from burns dramatically. Patients are reporting healing faster, as well as experiencing a decrease in pain.

Below a patient shows their burn treatment of a cannabis topical versus an antibiotic cream. As you can see, the cannabis topical treatment is faster, and with less inflammation.

benefits of cannabis topicals before and after

Image credit: CannabisisCure

8. Fights Bacterial Skin Infections

Cannabinoids contain antibacterial properties. Cannabis topicals have been used by patients to help treat boils, cellulitis, folliculitis, impetigo, and more. A major benefit of cannabis topicals is that you will not experience any kind of bodily resistance to the treatment, like you may with antibiotics.

9. Therapeutic Massages

Using cannabis topicals bring a variety of benefits to therapeutic massages. This ties into the stimulation cannabis topicals have on CB2 receptors, reducing inflammation and pain. Many patients are seeing incredible results for sports injuries, neuropathy, and more through therapeutic massages.

10. Menstrual Pain

Many female patients have reported menstrual cramp relief through cannabis topicals. There are a variety of ways cannabis topicals have been applied to relieve pain. Most patients apply directly on the skin area where pain is coming from.

11. Cancer

Thousands of cancer patients have found treatment through medical marijuana. Most famously, Rick Simpson Oil has been used for to treat skin cancers, and other variations of cancer alike. The oil is used as a topical on the skin growth, and patched for several days. Some patients note results in only a few days after initial contact.

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