5 Advantages For MMJ Patients To Grow Cannabis

5 Advantages For MMJ Patients To Grow Cannabis

Guest Post By Dylan Osborn, CEO and Founder of GreenBox Grown: Dylan is a greenhouse grower with more than five years of growing experience. He has a passion for teaching others how they can grow cannabis from the comfort of their home. Dylan created GreenBox Grown with a goal to provide the most affordable cannabis growing starter kit.

If you live in one of the 17 states that allow for legal cannabis growing at home, you may be curious what the advantages are. Often medical marijuana patients are put off by home growing, as the jargon of growing can seem extremely specific.

However, after a brief learning curve, patients are streamlining the process and producing top quality cannabis products without breaking the bank. Here are the 5 advantages for MMJ patients to grow cannabis.

  1. More Affordable Than Dispensaries

    As cannabis becomes more legal, it seems dispensary prices continue to skyrocket.  This is mainly due to new government taxes on the sale of cannabis. Visits to the dispensary can be costly, and over time can add up for medical patients using cannabis frequently

    Many medical marijuana patients struggle affording this expense, and turn to a more affordable option: growing at home. It doesn’t take expensive products or an expert to grow high quality cannabis. Patients have found they usually recoup the costs of their grow setup after just one grow cycle.

  2. Ability To Choose And Customize Strain

    5 Advantages For MMJ Patients To Grow Cannabis customWhen patients grow their own cannabis at home, they are the one who decide exactly what strains to grow. This is a huge benefit for the medical patients, as patients can choose strains that help with their medical treatment.

    In areas that have less dispensary options, this can be a major benefit. For example, if a patient’s closest dispensary carries strains that focus on THC, as opposed to CBD, they may be missing out on a major benefit to their treatment.

    Not only do patients get the flexibility to decide which strains they want to produce, but also today’s seed banks sell strains in different types of varieties. Varieties of strains allow for customization. For example, a patient can purchase Blue Dream that is a variation with higher CBD than the traditional Blue Dream strain. This is important as most dispensaries sell the traditional version of strains.

  3. Proximity To Patients

    For patients living farther away from cities, proximity to a dispensary can often be a challenge. This often makes access to legal medical marijuana frustrating, as for some patients they have to drive hours for medical marijuana access.

    Growing at home alleviates this issue. As long as patients stay within the regulations of their state, they ensure all the comforts of cannabis home grown.

  4. All Organic

    5 Advantages For MMJ Patients To Grow Cannabis organicAs the legal cannabis industry grows, so must the size of the commercial cannabis farms. With farms moving toward mass production, chemicals like pesticides are becoming a standard in dispensary bought cannabis.

    This is a key point in the 5 advantages for MMJ patients to grow cannabis. Home growing allows patients to know exactly what they are putting in their cannabis. This translates to healthier ingredients and zero to low toxins in the buds.

  5. A Relaxing Hobby

    Many medical marijuana patients start growing at home purely for medical reasons, and more often than not, end up falling in love with the process of growing. At the end of the day, home grown cannabis is no different than gardening, and it can be extremely fulfilling to watch your plants go from a tiny seed, to a massive budding plant.

Where To Start Growing:

5 Advantages For MMJ Patients To Grow Cannabis logoIf you are interested in growing cannabis at home the best place to start is my website We offer step by step videos that walk you through the entire growing process. All of our content is geared towards first time growers. We guarantee a successful harvest for every grower who properly follows the GreenBox Grown Videos. One of the best parts is that you can expect to spend less than 10 minutes a day on your plants when you follow our guides.

GreenBox Grown also offers complete cannabis growing starter kits, that come equipped with every supply you need, from start to harvest. These starter kits are available in indoor or greenhouse versions, and they come in several different sizes depending on how many plants you would like to grow.

Before You Grow:

Make sure to check your state laws on the laws surrounding home growing cannabis. If you still need a medical marijuana card, PrestoDoctor offers same day online appointments. Get your medical marijuana card today!

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