To Whom It May: Cannabis Chocolates

By The Art of Edibles Cannabis Collective

Elegant. Stylish. Ambitious. Sexy. These are not necessarily adjectives that first come to mind when describing an edible, but To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates is not your average cannabis brand.

 Hand-crafted using premium ingredients and hand pressed THC-infused organic coconut oil, they offer an invitation to another world waiting to be discovered.

From the moment you open the sleek black box with striking paint swipes on the lid, you’ll be blown away by the luxurious design. Inside you’ll find four different boxes, each one embodying a different character and flavor.

Each character has its own inscription on the inside lid, providing more details to explore as you enjoy the chocolate experience.

Part of the allure of To Whom It May is its ability to spark curiosity, and to evoke a sophisticated whimsy. The name speaks to the unique combination of customers’ desire for discretion, sophistication, and playfulness, as well as the brand’s commitment to battling stigma.

Someone who may have been neglected or ignored by the current and all too familiar stereotype of a stoner hippie, couch locked in his tie-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirt, is embraced by the brand’s playful inclusiveness and “do what pleases you” attitude, as it views Cannabis as a way to engage the world rather than disconnect. It’s no wonder that this new, elevated image of a cannabis consumer has drawn the eyes of various non-cannabis events and publications.

This summer, To Whom It May was the only cannabis product featured at a celebrity gifting suite honoring the ESPY’s, peaking the curiosity of celebrities and athletes with a long line to get a recommendation letter.

Most recently, To Whom It May was featured in LA Fashion magazine, along with stylish ads for the brand. Fittingly, an article about the inception of a cannabis brand sits between two fashion editorials, and an ad for Vivienne (one of the flavor characters) proclaims “For those who wear their passion on their sleeve, Vivienne is here”, sits next to a photo of a woman crossing a city street wearing a studded leather jacket, bodysuit, and black chunky booties-she could be Vivienne.

To Whom It May also recently launched their own lifestyle blog, SWAY, where you can get to know the characters, get music recommendations from them, find out about rituals, get a different perspective on events, as well as commentary on popular culture, art, and fashion. SWAY’s content is stylishly curated to represent the values, ambitions, and attitudes of To Whom It May and to show what it means to live a higher life.  

To Whom it May is a state of mind, free of judgment, and full of empowerment, breaking down stereotypes and norms associated with cannabis use, and encouraging those who use it to live their best lives as they see fit.

It promotes a lifestyle of desire without criticism and embodies an artful and stylish side of cannabis.  A brand like To Whom It May helps the cannabis industry forge new ground, standing alongside the most well-respected mainstream products on the market.

To try To Whom it May chocolates, click HERE.