Weed Card Database Myth

Some of our most commonly asked questions at PrestoDoctor are related to privacy and the existence of a weed card database.

  • Will this go on my record or in a government database?
  • Will I get fired from my job for having a weed card?
  • Will it show up on my background check for a new job?


The Weed Card Database Myth

The existence of the government weed card database is a myth. Many people are hesitant when it comes to getting a medical marijuana card. Some who are eligible for a medical cannabis recommendation believe that their patient records and personal information would go into a government weed card database. They believe that it could show on their background checks and will have a negative impact on their careers. While people can apply for a state-issued card, it is not required to access medical cannabis in California.



Patient privacy is a highly debated issue. Whether you get your recommendation at a doctor’s office, marijuana clinic, or via Telehealth online appointments, your medical records are protected under federal law. Online appointments done using PrestoDoctor are no exception. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects your privacy and makes your medical records inaccessible without your permission just like any other doctor visit.

Myth Debunked

We can conclude that there is no mystery list or weed card database for patients.  In fact, obtaining a cannabis recommendation poses no risk. Instead it puts you in the position to legally medicate.

You have complete control over your personal privacy. Now, if your email address is [email protected] or all your social media posts end with #420lover, then great, you have already decided to passionately and publicly express yourself to the world.

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