Why Cannabis Communities Matter

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Cannabis communities matter and they matter now more than ever.

What are they? They are the cannabis groups who come together to provide input and guidance in the cannabis industry.

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After decades of fighting oppression and stereotypes, it’s evident what the cannabis community values are social justice and inclusion. Just recently, The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) took a stand against a potential threat to those values and withdrew from the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in Los Angeles. This came as a result of CWC’s keynote speaker choice, Roger Stone- longtime advisor to Donald Trump.

Community groups, like the MCBA, are paramount in raising awareness of what we are doing as an industry. Groups like these make sure we are thinking of the collective, instead of our own self-interests. 

There are so many benefits to the cannabis community coming together. It creates collaboration, visibility, and is a force for change. This is the recipe to break stereotypes and create tolerance for medical marijuana use. 

Breaking Stereotypes in Cannabis

Many people can relate to the experience of feeling misjudged and categorized as a certain “type” of person because of their medical use.

These experiences are common for people in the cannabis industry, as well as medical cannabis patients. Women, senior citizens, professionals, and minorities specifically, have definitely had these experiences.

We still have a long way to go toward breaking the stereotypes caused by misinformation about cannabis. So, how do we do it? Exposure matters and cannabis communities help create a safe space to vocalize the truth about medical marijuana.

There are many factors at play, but it comes down to taking a stand together. This is why cannabis communities matter so much. When the collective stands up and shows the reality of what medical marijuana is really about, they help to dissolve the misinformation and misperceptions about cannabis.

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Patients and Cannabis

At the end of the day, the cannabis community believes in the power of healing through cannabis. We see how cannabis can help to relieve so many symptoms, helping people live more fulfilled, pain-free lives. Everyone deserves that.

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However, there is a two part-problem, here. The first problem is access to medical cannabis for all. That’s why at PrestoDoctor we work so hard to provide a convenient way to get evaluated. We are currently in CA, NV, and expanding to other states very soon. The second problem is having patients feel comfortable with their medical use. Cannabis communities have a big impact on making patients feel comfortable.

When patients openly discuss how medical cannabis is helping their medical conditions and symptoms, it allows other patients to feel understood. The dialogue is now open, and there is a support system, making other patients feel safe. When a patient feels safe, they are more likely to discuss medical marijuana openly, increasing the strength of the cannabis community.

Cannabis Communities Matter For Legal Change

Cannabis communities are the start of legal changes. When you are a part of thecannabis communities impact legal change community, you represent a perspective of the industry. The more diversity we have in the cannabis community ultimately helps to create laws that cater to the greater majority.

Voices are also heard louder through numbers. With many people taking a stand against something, it is a wake-up call that something needs to be done as soon as possible. Together, we represent something important.

What You Can Do

1. Be there mentally: Emotional support matters

Be a part of the dialogue: Can you be a part of the dialogue on supporting cannabis and its social and legal progression? Even just commenting on or sharing an article does so much for the community. It can be anything from expressing appreciation to progressive posts on social media, to supporting cannabis businesses paving the way for inclusion. An additional benefit is that when you encourage others, they tend to have your back as well. That’s what community is all about: listening and sharing.

2. Be there physically: Showing up matters

community groups constellations eventAttend events: The great thing about communities is that they throw events all the time! For example, Constellations is a female-led event created for females to have a space to feel comfortable in their medical use. There are events like this for so many cannabis communities. Showing up or showing appreciation for their mission makes these groups feel supported and heard.

Be there for businesses: There are SO many businesses making huge strides to create products and services for all kinds of cannabis users. The reality is that there is no one type of user. The more businesses fight against the stereotypes diversity, the more patients will feel included within the industry. A great example is Annabis, a vape purse and accessory company serving the professional female demographic.

Beyond patient representation, businesses coming together make a huge impact on the way our industry is perceived. When one business represents the industry negatively, all other businesses tend to get stereotyped within that. A great example of two companies coming together is Kiva and Leafly. Kiva was recently hacked on Instagram, and the hacker wrote horrible messages directed toward users on behalf of Kiva.

“At least cancer doesn’t run in my family,” they wrote in one particularly offensive message, directed toward a user with a family member who died of cancer. They followed the note with a smiley face emoji.”

Leafly and Kiva worked together to create this article clearing the air. This is a beautiful example of the good that comes when this industry bands together.

Vote: How many times do you have to hear, “Your vote matters” before you actually do it? It’s so important to be aware of cannabis laws coming through in your state. It’s literally a google search away and can be the difference between progression and suppression.

Now Is The Time

From patients to medical marijuana businesses, we need to come together. Cannabis communities matter so much because ultimately we stand together through thick and thin. We are right next to each other in this fight to educate and break the stereotypes. We are at a point in history where exposure matters, representation matters, and the truth matters. If individuals band together and create a community based on compassion and education, cannabis will become a model industry at the forefront of inclusion.

Whether you’re a partner, competitor, or patient of PrestoDoctor, we stand with you. We stand with our communities.prestodoctor icon

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