Can I Have A Medical Marijuana Card & CDL?

In recent years, there has been a growing acceptance and legalization of medical marijuana in several states and countries. Simultaneously, the demand for commercial drivers has also increased, as transportation continues to play a vital role in our society.

However, there is a question that lingers in the minds of many in the driving and trucking industry. Can you possess both a Commercial Driving License (CDL) and a Medical Marijuana Card? Let’s explore this topic in detail and shed light on the complex relationship between these two aspects.

Understanding the CDL

Before delving into the intersection of CDL and medical marijuana, let’s first understand what a Commercial Driving License entails. A CDL is a commercial driver’s license required by individuals who operate commercial motor vehicles. This includes as semi-trucks, buses, and other large vehicles used for transportation of goods or passengers.

The CDL ensures that drivers have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate these vehicles safely and responsibly. In some states, you will need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive a limousine, large van, or bus.

Federal Regulations and Conflict

One of the primary reasons why possessing both a CDL and a Medical Marijuana Card can be challenging is the conflict between federal and state regulations. While several states have legalized medical marijuana, the federal government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance. According to federal law, the use or possession of marijuana is illegal. This is regardless of whether it is for medical or recreational purposes.

This means that even if you possess a Medical Marijuana Card from your state, you may still be subject to penalties under federal law if you are found in possession of the drug while operating a commercial vehicle.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Guidelines

The Department of Transportation (DOT), which oversees the regulations for CDL holders, strictly adheres to federal laws regarding controlled substances. Under the DOT guidelines, it is explicitly stated that the use of marijuana by safety-sensitive employees, including CDL holders, is prohibited. Safety-sensitive positions, which include commercial drivers, are subject to regular drug testing, including pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion tests. Failing a drug test can result in severe consequences, such as suspension, revocation, or disqualification of the CDL.

The DOT explicitly states that their drug and alcohol testing regulation does not allow the use of medical marijuana. Even if you are a medical marijuana patient, you cannot have any cannabis in your system during a test. Testing positive for marijuana during a drug screening can cause you to lose your CDL.

Since DOT is a federal employer and cannabis is technically still federally illegal, those employed under DOT can expect to:

  • Pass a pre-employment drug test
  • Undergo drug tests should there be an accident/crash
  • Random drug testing

Should you refuse a drug or alcohol test or fail the test, your CDL will be suspended immediately.

State Variations and Exceptions

It’s essential to note that state laws regarding medical marijuana can vary significantly. While some states may provide certain exemptions or protections for medical marijuana users, these provisions may not extend to safety-sensitive positions regulated by federal entities like the DOT. In other words, even if your state allows medical marijuana, you may still face consequences under federal regulations if you hold a CDL.

Final Verdict

If you’re wondering whether you can hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and have a medical marijuana card at the same time, the answer is no. While individual state laws may vary, all commercial drivers must abide by federal regulations. Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, using medical marijuana may put your CDL at risk.

Even in states like Pennsylvania, where employees have some protections under the Medical Marijuana Act, CDL drivers are still subject to federal laws, which do not offer the same protections. CDL drivers must undergo strict drug testing and are subject to state and federal regulations that prohibit the use of medical marijuana.

Even though hemp-derived CBD is legal, it’s important to note that any product containing more than 0.3% THC is still illegal. CDL drivers who require medical marijuana must make a tough decision as they cannot legally hold a CDL and be a medical marijuana user. Until cannabis becomes legal at the federal level, this will remain the status quo.

Getting A Medical Marijuana Card

If you are not a CDL driver, you may still have rights to use medical marijuana at your workplace if you are a medical marijuana patient. For some, health conditions greatly benefit from medical cannabis thus many people become patients of the medical cannabis program. Chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis are just a few of common ailments which cannabis may benefit. PrestoDoctor can help you get your medical marijuana card, 100% online.

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