Benefits of Edible Marijuana Candy

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Edibles have experienced tremendous growth within the past decade. The edible category includes chocolates, infused foods, tinctures, beverages, pills, and candies. There seems to be a new type of edible product every day, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Within edibles, the top subcategory is by far edible marijuana candy. In fact, according to BDS Analytics, edible marijuana candy take up 51% of the edible market share.

Methods to consume cannabis without smoking can be a great way for patients to help treat symptoms over an extended period of time, as opposed to the shorter, more immediate relief of inhaling. With the variety of ways to consume edible products, why is edible marijuana candy so popular? The answer may lie beyond some of the obvious assumptions.

Variety Of Taste

The most intuitive benefit of edible marijuana candy is the vast variety of flavors. As opposed toedible marijuana candy variety some of the other subcategories, like chocolates, tinctures, and pills, edible marijuana candy is ever-innovative. With the great variety of non-medicated candies that exist, there seems to be a similar cannabis candy entering the market. For example, a patient can purchase anything from fruit gummies to mints.

There is no room to get bored, contributing to the appeal and benefit of edible marijuana candy.

Easier To Dose

edible marijuana candy gummicaresIt’s very common to hear about someone who may have over consumed an edible, leading to a bad experience. There is no denying the importance of understanding your dosage. A major appeal of edible marijuana candy is the fact that most candies are very easy to dose. Often, the candies are broken up into small bites, making the option to microdose easier. This helps patients visually see how much they need to eat. When comparing to the other subcategories, measurement can be a challenge. For example, infused foods, chocolates, and beverages can often be harder to dose, as the quantity to consume is less intuitive.

Most candies are dosed to ensure that only a few pieces are necessary to experience the effects. Even with candies that have a higher dosage for more severe symptoms, they often make the pieces needed for consumption few and clearly cut. A great example is GummiCares. GummiCares is a company designed for cancer patients. Their gummies are very strong and easy to chew. What makes this product so great (besides the quality) is how simple it is for patients to understand the dosing to this very heavily dosed product.  

Longer Lasting Effects

edible marijuana candy effectsAnother clear advantage to edible marijuana candy, and most edible products, is the length of time a patient feels the effects. A patient typically feels the effects of edible marijuana candy within thirty minutes to one hour. The effects can last up to seven hours at a time. This is great for helping treat insomnia, as well as patients looking to dose throughout the day.

There are a variety of dosing strategies, and it’s always best to consult your doctor about the right amount for you. Typically, edible marijuana candies range from five to ten milligrams of THC. Some even go as small as two milligrams of THC per candy. It’s always best to start small, wait up to one hour and see how your body reacts before consuming more.

How To Know If Edible Marijuana Candy Is Right For You

PrestoDoctor offers an online medical marijuana card evaluation, and we only charge patients if they become recommended by our doctors. With a medical marijuana card, you can go to nearly any dispensary and find edible marijuana candy to suit your needs.