How to Fight Cannabis Tolerance

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Cannabis tolerance is the desensitization of the effects cannabis has on the body. It’s an issue that happens fairly often to patients with consistent consumption frequency and amount.

Although this may be a small issue for some, many medical patients rely on cannabis to help subside specific conditions. Luckily, there are ways to fight cannabis tolerance.

Signs Your Body Is Forming A Higher Cannabis Tolerance

How to Fight Cannabis Tolerance higherYou know you’re developing tolerance to marijuana when you need to consume a larger dose to maintain the original effects. Often, patients get concerned they may be becoming addicted to marijuana. However, this isn’t the case. Addiction is physical dependence, meaning withdrawal symptoms when cannabis is use is stopped abruptly.

Tolerance to cannabis include either of the two symptoms:

  1. A need for markedly increased amounts of marijuana or THC to achieve the desired effect
  2. A markedly diminished effect on the user with continued use of the same amount of marijuana or THC

If one or both of these two symptoms apply to you, it’s an indication you have built a tolerance to medical cannabis.

What Causes Cannabis Tolerance

How to Fight Cannabis Tolerance causeAlthough research has still not pointed to exactly why tolerance occurs, the mechanisms that create tolerance are thought to involve changes in cannabinoid receptor function. We do know that it involves physiological and psychological factors, as well.

Unfortunately more specific research is needed, as most of what we do know is through observation. Typically, cannabis tolerance can begin building up over a 2-4 week period with consistent use. However, this can vary person to person. It also can be dependent upon the strain of use, as well as consumption method. In more cases than not, there seems to be a pattern that tolerance emerges from consistent consumption use.

Ways to Fight Cannabis Tolerance

Cannabis tolerance has shown to subside through cutting back on use. This can be hard for some patients, as medical cannabis is used to help subside symptoms. However, these are some ways to make the break more manageable:

    1. Alternate: Try alternating one week on, one week off to preserve effect. The week off can help give the body a time to lower its tolerance. This is most helpful for patients who are low to semi-frequent consumers.
    2. Morning Curve: Begin the day with medicating. This may help reduce the need to medicate as strongly throughout the day. Sometimes just a small dose is needed to help subside medical symptoms throughout the day. This may be best for patients who rely on cannabis consistently, but in lower doses than other patients may.  
    3. Microdosing: Microdosing means taking a smaller dose of cannabis, sometimes more frequently. Through microdosing, patients can feel a subtle, yet consistent, level of effects. This is best for patients who use cannabis throughout the day, but don’t necessarily need a high dosage.
    4. Clean the Body: Patients have reported that incorporating regular exercise and a healthy diet has helped flush residual marijuana out of the system. This may be the best option for patients who rely consistency on medical cannabis to help subside their conditions.

No matter which technique is used, the break from potency will play a part to fight cannabis tolerance.