How To Relax With Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is used by patients to help treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, pain and more. Many of the symptoms experienced by patients make it extremely difficult to relax. It’s common knowledge that medical marijuana has been a major tool for patients to help aid in relaxation, as nearly half of cannabis users say their goal is to relax.

However, what is the ultimate way to relax with medical marijuana? Here are the strategies used by patients that have lead to the ultimate recipe for relaxation using medical marijuana.

Prepping For Relaxation

Just as it’s important to prep for sleep, prepping for relaxation is just as important. Preparation is often overlooked and is so key to enhancing your experience with medical marijuana. The environment is key. Many patients enjoy a more relaxing experience when they make their physical environment soothing. This can mean music that relaxes you, lighting candles or oils, surrounding yourself with individuals who make you feel safe, and more.

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Another aspect that helps prep for relaxation is to use exercise to manually relax your body. A rising trend is utilizing medical marijuana and yoga to heal. An article by the Harvard Health Publications emphasizes that relationship.

Many forms of exercise reduce stress directly, and by preventing bodily illness, exercise has extra benefits for the mind. Regular physical activity will lower your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol, and reduce your blood sugar. Exercise cuts the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, colon and breast cancers, osteoporosis and fractures, obesity, depression, and even dementia (memory loss).

Another important strategy to prep for relaxation is to use planning strategies to let your mind rest. Often we have so many demands of the day, it can seem overwhelming – making relaxing a difficult task in itself. However, there are multiple strategies to plan ahead that make us feel as if we are ‘allowed’ to rest. One strategy is to write down all your commitments, then determine the day and time you will complete that task. Psychologically, that technique can help dump the mind and allow it to rest knowing that it was acknowledged and there is a plan in place.

Dosing Matters

relax with medical marijuana dosingWhen you’re using cannabis products to relax, it’s important to consider dosing. Dosing is the optimal amount of cannabis quantity, as well as THC to CBD ratio, to consume.  Researchers have figured out the right amount that helps people relax, and the amount that may be too much.

People on the low dose reported being more relaxed than those on the placebo, and their stress levels dissipated more quickly after the tasks. But people on the high doses paused more in the job interview and reported the tasks to be stressful, challenging, and threatening.

It’s important to take into consideration the tasks at hand when considering dosing. There may be a sweet spot for working versus before bed. In general, a lower dosage helps reduce stress in a task heavy environment, versus a higher dose. To test what specific amount is right for you, it’s always best to consult with your doctor and start low.

Strains Can Make A Difference

Different strains can have a big difference on the overall effects, making relaxation with medical marijuana easier or more challenging. Strains are the types of the cannabis plant, distinguished by being a sativa, indica, or hybrid species.

We recommend keeping a cannabis journal and record your experiences with different strains. Often patients report different preferences with sativa versus indica strains. Specific types make a difference as well. A great resource to browse strains is Leafly, with hundreds of patient reports on strains and their effects. There, you can find filters on flavors, effects, symptoms, conditions, and more.

Find The Consumption Method(s) That Work For You

Consumption methods can make a big difference in the way you relax with medical marijuana. For example, many patients prefer methods of consuming cannabis without smoking. For example, topicals are non-psychoactive and can be applied to the skin to relax specific areas of the body. Microdosing through cannabis pills can also be an effective way to control your dose, and feel the effects of relaxation.

With decriminalization laws being new for many states, patients are just discovering the vast ways of consuming cannabis to help alleviate symptoms. It’s helpful to experiment with different ways of consuming to see what is right for you. Talk with your doctor and budtenders about the options for consumption that may benefit subsiding your symptoms.

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