NEW THC Infused Tide Pods: Created for Laundry Enthusiasts!

thc tide pods

We all have that one slightly eccentric family member who adores one single strange animal. Their enthusiasm for said animal extends within their clothing, cake decor, steering wheel, every gift they receive for the rest of their lives – you name it!

Sure, the animal obsessers get it all…but what about the other massive demographic that is too often forgot: laundry enthusiasts. You heard it right.

Luckily, the cannabis industry is leaving no product untapped. Take a seat on your fresh pair of cotton undies, because THC Infused Tide Pods are officially in production for ALL laundry enthusiasts.

Laundry Enthusiasts Left In The Dark… Until Now

thc infused tide podsLaundry enthusiasts, also commonly known as Laundrists, have had a hard time coming. For years, the only outlet to relish in the sweet love of laundry has been the laundry room. One room for something held so dear?! Blasphemy!!!

The reality is simple: love of laundry extends well beyond a single room. Times are changing, as reflected in the latest viral twitter hashtag #LAUNDRYINCLUSION.

That’s why the latest cannabis edible, THC Infused Tide Pods, are here to stay.

What are THC Infused Tide Pods?

Tide Pods with THCSo, what are THC Infused Tide Pods? Only the most genius invention since the Snuggie. To explain these complex products in simple terms, they essentially look almost exactly like a Tide Pod, except infused with sun grown cannabis. Actually, that’s basically it. Yep, an edible that looks like a Tide Pod.


To consume THC Infused Tide Pods, simply remove from packaging and consume. Popular ways to ingest include blending into a smoothie, and drizzling onto meats (although the options are endless).

The Man Behind It All

Meet Rob- inventor of THC Infused Tide Pods, nominee for the World Humanitarian Award, and proud Laundrist. Rob created these pods after experiencing years of hidden laundro-loving.

inventor of thc tide pod

“Since I was a kid, laundry has always been my favorite activity. However, I didn’t have an outlet to show the world my love of crisp folding, precise lint removal, and soap dispensing. With THC Infused Tide Pods, consumers can now proudly display their love of laundry while medicating with cannabis. ”

Some of you may be asking yourselves, Do people actually buy this stuff?

Rob, first cannabis billionaire, responds, “Is a blue bird blue?”

What Consumers Are Saying

“I never told anyone about being a Laundrist. Buying these THC Infused Tide Pods gave me the strength I needed to tell the world. Thank you.” – K. Powers, 29

“Before THC Infused Tide Pods came into my life, I was well dressed and misunderstood. Now I’m well dressed, misunderstood, and a little high.” – K. West, 40

“I consume THC Infused Tide Pods before any major life decision.” – D. Trump, 71

Where To Buy THC Infused Tide Pods

THC Infused Tide pods will be available Summer of 2018. They will be available at every major dispensary. PrestoDoctor card holders will receive special access! Get your medical card today!


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